Hoarders, tokens gear or trainers



Who’s the biggest hoarder? I should have took a screen shot before pulling but I had 2 10 pulls of 5* tokens, I have a feeling someone is stashing more than that.


Mines ugly


what about having 4000 / 1000 weapons?


Not impressive


I’m over here being broke when it comes to hoarding lol


81 Bennys here, which is part of the reason why I have got only two free roster slots.



And 120 benedicts


Where is the glory in hoarding?

Is there a “+5% attack per 100,000 Elite Tokens” bonus I’ve missed? I can maybe understand 5 star tokens. But not weapon tokens or elite item tokens. And as for 3 Year Anniversary tokens… wft?


Nothing more satisfying than 9 zekes popping out all at once.


Who said anything about glory? For me it’s about usefulness. I use resources as and when I need to. Right now, and for quite some time in the past, I haven’t needed to spend most of my tokens or Benedicts. I have lots of 4* weapons that have never been improved because I’m not using them. So why spend any 4* weapon tokens right now? I have unlevelled 5s in abundance so why cash in the 5 tokens? Time limited tokens, yes, use them up, anything that doesn’t have a sell by date can sit in my inventory until that rainy day comes along.


I’m defenitly the biggest 4* “hoarder”, would prefer collector. Name me any 4* and it’s almost certain I have or had it.


I’m almost at a million 5* tokens. Nothing in the there I want, plus scopes is killing us with roster space…


Only thing I hoard is special stat weapons 8 stun guns, 5 impair, 3 ab d, 2 stun on attack, 1 double attack and one 8% knife and when it comes to tokens I’m super impatient so I pull em immediately


Damn you moved up from 7 stun guns? Congrats man


Lol thanks


Saved up all my tapes started with 15 got 2 stuns and a absolute


What about weapon hoarding? Anyone else past the 1k limit?


Where’s the best one of all blue 20% at??


None of them sadly :frowning: