Hoarde Milestone disconnect


So Gold League V, have over 50k points but still 1k short of the 45k milestone. Huh?

Oh, and Mercer is tough

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Known glitch, you should have gotten the proper milestone prize when you hit 50k. It’s the same issue with league milestones. You get the reward based on your actual progress, not what’s shown on your milestone page.


Not like this visual bug hasn’t been happening since Leagues was launched…


Opie has right.
Btw, that match which you screenshoted should be so boring, lol :smiley:


That is why command cards > walker cards


Yea those rewards popped into your mailbox from somewhere… it’s a visual bug.


I think the issue is you are expecting hoarde milestones when you’re actually going to get horde milestones.


Scipley doesn’t do Maff. 1+1= :pancakes:

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