Hoard of Horde Cans?

How Vast is your Hoard of Hordes Can - I choose to pull the plug at 20, wasn’t prepared to put anymore tokens into it. Now a see a single can as a milestone reward, that saddens me a little.

How many Horde cans is everyone else sitting on? Lets see how ridiculous has this gotten.

42 with todays “free” oned from lvl up

28 7 chars

Currently at 44.

33, had to spend quite a few just fleeing to get Piper. Will not go out of my way to hit 3 mil on this one, but will pick them up from the league store until I’m in triple digits just in case.

only 4


52 cans

I’m at 52 cans as well

48, would have had about 70 except I went a tad mad for Piper in that 24hr dash

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I have 16​:joy::man_shrugging:

  1. I fucked off from buying since I haven’t seen any upcoming events.

So far between us we have 357 Horde Cans - representing 714,000 league tokens, or 2142 attacks in the next Hordes event (excluding naturally generated world energy) - and we are just a tiny player sample, it’s staggering to think how many unused Horde cans are floating around out there.

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