Ho ho ho wait a minute! Were is 6* Dale?

Hello all you TWD RTS players and Scopely,

I’ve been grinding, farming and spending to achieve only one thing… a 6* Dale. The idea and hope of him entering the game is what makes me want to play this game!

But even at Christmas he is a no show. Whats up with that? All i want(ed) for Christmas is/was Dale.

But Scopely i am not mad just a little bit dissapointed. So you know what?! I’m gonna give you a chance to make this right. Lets have a spectacular start of 2018 with (you guessed it) a 6* (alert) Dale.

If you make this work there is no harm no foul. To remind you i paste the last Dale post (The rise of 6* Dale).

I wish you all and your families happy holidays, and scopely, lets start the new year with a big bang!

Greetings Troubadour (Barbour region)


If he doesn’t have a Father Christmas suit I will be dissapointed

How about a 6* Judith

He needs the correct hat. And a stun face skill!

I’m still bumed we never got a Xmas Alex with Christmas suit…

Yo Scopes, check out my account. I have held true to my word that you will not get any of my hard earned cash until the 6* Dale gets done. Once he appears, that’s an immediate 80 pull from me and you can go back to nickel and diming me for other stuff. Get it done right meow!

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Can he be ‘tainted meat’ Dale? Could do a whole museum collection based on characters that slowly died, or in dale’s case laughing at the cannibals instead of slowly dying, due to walker bites.

Minimum requirement. Bitten at least 1 comic before, reveal is a big surprise.

Spoiler Alert

Andrea, Allen, come to mind, gonna have to think about a few others, been so long :wink:

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@kalishane do you know the status of 6* Dale?

This is all bollocks tbf, it’s all about the 6* Pole dancing Mirabelle with nipple tassels

I’d pull hard & often for that.

Don’t worry it’s coming 2106!

He will come one day then all we will need is a 6* Caroline 6* blue barker 6* Wilkins and 6* gator to lead theese 6* to the realm of gods

There is way more interesting characters than Dale. Sorry but we need existing and emblematic 5* to become ascendable.


So I guess you want princess considering it took like a year just to get beta and alpha from the whisppers I wouldn’t expect her for a long time plus I don’t think this games gonna make it to the stormtroopers we reached In comics Dale was cool and if there can be a shane why no Dale heck if Marcus who only surrvie d 2 comic issues and died and had no importantance be a 5* why no Dale

Yeah Allen with one leg, would be awesome. Especially because he don’t got much attention in the game. Nice Idea.