Hmmm, that's fair right

Screenshot_20181218-100148 Screenshot_20181218-100152 hmmmmmmmm


Someone who have 100% p2w team saying something isn’t fair…Ironic


How is the fact that me making the decision to spent money on toons unfair?


I think he’s alluding to the fact that his Andrea is maxed. Which should be impossible right now.


Once again the “rollback” didn’t fully work. Also Lydia on attack…


She gives that extra hp and def, works pretty great as the other toons can be quite squishy

Yes they shouldn’t have a fully maxed andrea because of the comic book con/subscription roll back didn’t work like most gates do. but thing is this is my one teir 1 with only one good mod (few gold yes but crap ones)

not much difference really

Are you referring to the total stats shown on Andrea in the second screen shot?

The better question is…why are you attacking with a Lydia lead…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Why are you atking with lydia as lead…surely u can find something faster than tht.

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Because by and large, whales know how to buy toons but not how to use them


Because there is no justice in the world. Oh what I could do with Harper and Konrad…

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Wait… Isn’t that how it done.

Fuk. That y I was so damn slow

Get ready for das boot my dear friend

That defence wise there’s only 300 in it between them it may be maxed but not much difference in the long run can’t see scopley doing much about it to be honest

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