Hilltop Egg Hunt Event [Feedback Thread]


No egg drops in raid tournament means I can relax. Not busting out any cans except what’s needed for the egg milestone. Why shoud I ??
Not to mention running a double faction event on a holiday weekend. Some may not celebrate it, but others do. Guess that’s not a consideration for the player’s, it never has been. Seems like this is the norm for all the holidays.


Will we be able to get 6 helmets from this event? Lol I wanna tier 4 Carl and have everything but the helmets.


Why are the bloody eggs controlled so much. Like a boss said no event should have restrictions on how much you want to participate I can see already that I’m going to be sitting on a ton of green eggs only because you didn’t want to share bloody eggs


I’m fairly happy that the eggs are dropping this morning though I just think Bloody eggs should drop rare and maybe even the pink ones


Remember the day’s of being able to “farm” event roadmaps to complete the museum collections for special events? Also not being limited to 10 pulls from said events?


First of all,
The event is a big disappointment,
And if you add to that the fact that no GPS or canteen that will be something I don’t want to write here so I don’t get banned,
And if you add to that you need 6/7 days to complete one collection to get 2 gears that will be unbelievable

I don’t know what happened to you guys, your doing things that keep pushing players (we just lost a big player this weekend ranked 3))
It’s like you’re begging us to quite the game

Is that normal?
Hell no

At least add GPS, I have 8 canteen and 0 GPS


The worst thing about the event to me so far is the pink eggs. You should make them farmable or give more chances at them


This event such a disappointment, you could have done great things with this event, but just like the camp stove to power, you screwed us with greed with them Damn pink eggs, I don’t know how much more I can take of this, scopely has improved with giving 6 stars away and ect, but my region is a literal shit show Because we NEVER hit first place because our pockets aren’t deep enough, and when they are deep enough, the odds to get ahead are like 00000000.01 percent, I’m neck deep in shit, you can change that scopely.


The roadmap is boring and the lack of pink eggs is a pain in the ass. Thats all I have to say about this


Should have done an easter egg actual hunt and made all types of eggs available in all areas of the game. Random drops in Raids, territories, worldmap, roadmaps, daily rewards, everywhere.

Give us something actually worth checking the screen for. Majority of us just auto thru it all now. Boring.


With 8 days left looks like 2 pulls on the T4 gear which to me is a total disappointment , there should be more ways to get pink eggs,so stating you have a chance of 10 T4 gear for each one is never gonna happen unless you spend mega on the boxes,and again more and more people struggling to Tier 4 a 6* toons. Make my day and add a legendary map please :slight_smile:


One group it is handy for is newer players or players starting off in a new region (especially a post-Shiva Force region) - I’m purely going for ascendance medals, which get you out of 4* as soon as possible. I can see why this is nowhere near as attractive in older regions - if I was still playing in my old region I’d likely be pretty underwhelmed as well, but in young regions it’s actually a godsend. Obviously spending is still MORE of a godsend for Scopely, which is why the event is designed to encourage it still, but I think, oddly enough as it is more often the other way around, that they actually got the “lowest” reward tier absolutely dead spot on. The problem is diminishing returns as you move further up.


This “event” gets an F. This whole game has become revolved around 6 star gear. Instead of making it about toons, it’s now about gear. Keep delaying the progress of the game (by not releasing gps and canteens) because you released six stars too early and can’t keep up with the demands… keep delaying it and the game will keep going in the gutter.


I think I called it before though who thought different and was hoping for something good.

Can’t polish a turd with turd polish people.


I get flagged for sharing a picture from another game of Scopely’s? Really who has time to just sit & flag post’s for no reason what so ever?


certainely not forum members who are doing it


LMFAOOO it’s literally an Easter event on Easter weekend… don’t participate if you don’t like it



This event gets an D+ in my book. Got Dwight to t4 and saved me from having to hit 2 mil twice in a crappy level up. Debating on taking 2 of the holsters or stocking up on medals. Meh.


Ascendance medals should’ve required green eggs only. Would’ve been nice to get something back for all the raiding that didn’t require anything else. I’m medal starved as it is.


I like this mostly. Got gear to 4th tier a couple toons but no canteens. Last 2 events netted me 5 GPS no canteens. RNG is not my friend. So i wait longer and fall further behind the wallet warriors.