Hilltop Egg Hunt Event [Feedback Thread]


Gear should not require this much work/. 1 piece a week… for crying out loud, you need six of these… so a 2 week event for 1/3 of the required items to level a toon. You guys are slowing down the game because you can’t keep up with the toon production.


I pulled over 50 times last event no gps or canteen and yes I score 2 mill all the time


When free stuff is not free enough. #millenials


I still say thank you for making feedback threads Shane. Question to everyone, have you seen ridiculous amounts of level ups after the level up feedback thread? Hmm?

I don’t wanna keep sounding negative when giving feedback, especially on collection events because I love them. But if I can give a suggestion, plan ahead and share with the community how it will go. Tell everyone realistically what they should expect.

Anyways raid tourney is 48h I believe. First half won’t drop eggs but second half will. The aim of raid tournament won’t be solely to force you to collect green eggs I believe, it’s for you to compete and rank to get bloody eggs. Bloody eggs Re found in “limited time events”.


Pretty sure we got one just from playing in a recent war. Pretty sure they were 4500 from a box in both nugget events so again not sure how you didn’t have any unless you missed that war and didn’t opt for a box from either nugget event. The second stash had a chance for them and of course the crappy wheel from the last event as well.


Raid tourney disclosed on vk. 19 hours only. Lets await an update to the calendar…


One piece of feedback, and it kind of dovetails with the milestones feedback, is that if the bloody eggs are going to be milestone rewards, newer players and players in young regions, particularly ones who don’t have access to YGL yet and might have one or two 5* on their rosters are going to find it difficult to even make the first milestone of level-ups. Ideally you want to be pitching the ascendance medals part of the collection more towards the newer players (especially ones from regions that started post-Shiva Force and the one random medal roadmap in November or December last year), so please look at the events and milestones that you attach them to carefully. Likewise for established players in older regions and the tier 4 gear collections.


Event looks…ok only.
GPS/Canteen would be nice.

I like: you can choose what to spend your eggs on - that is definitely the way to go. This can balance RNG madness/frustration.
I don’t like: You need to farm ALL three routes: 1) Maps 2) Raids 3) Events in order to get a reward. It would be nice if you could choose ONE route to get your gear…and if you choose all routes, you get more gear.


It’s a Nice thing, since I REALLY need medals. can’t even ascend a 3* :sweat:


It’s a feedback thread. How dare people give feedback. Personally I think its silly to give eggs for raids but not during a raid event.


Yeah I got them and used them bud … already have a couple t4


This event is nice and all but raid tournament is supposed to be today and eggs aren’t going to drop? That is gripe 1. I don’t see any collection for canteen/gps reward. That is gripe 2.


Is this meant for the 10.0 feedback thread?


Haha that’s still 2 more collections completed than I did with the plastic pieces on the 0 energy roadmap!


The Egg Hunt is in Beta?


I got Dwight and his rifle, but those red pieces were a kick in the nuts.


Fix the bugs, not make walkers look like bugs!


I play on Blount and the server was still pretty new during that event. I think there was only one person who got him there.


It was! Too many windowsss.

Thankyou! :slight_smile:


How great it would be to have a farmable event . Where your rewards will reflect how much effort you put in. If someone wanted to drop 50 world cans and farm enough for extra gear collections then let them be. F2p players cannot complain because it’s on them if they want to participate. Spenders can buy world cans galore. It just makes no sense to restrict so much when all we want is to engage in an actual event properly.