Hilltop Egg Hunt Event [Feedback Thread]


Eggs wont drop for the first day of the raid tournament? :-1: seriously @kalishane??


For the seasonal roadmaps like this one ( and say the Christmas one ) you guys should put bunny ears on all the walkers. The Christmas one should give them Santa hats.

Would be funny to see


I’m thinking positively that with effort multiple t4 gear collections may be possible. Then again I’m always thinking positively when I send a weapon to Earl…


Green eggs, why are they not available 3/28, 3/30… every other day?

Green Eggs can be found in Limited Time Raid Drops on the following days and run for 24 hours beginning at 7:00AM UTC: 03/27 03/29 03/31 04/01 04/03 04/05 04/07 04/08 04/10


Agreed. This is dumb.


Thanks for the feedback so far everyone!


It is nice to get pairs of t4 colour gear items but frustrating that there isn’t a way to get canteens and gpss. Im frustrated to have three canteens and 6+ for three of the four t4 colour items but have nothing i can do to get a gps.


Takes a whole 7 days to get enough eggs from roadmaps for 1 collection of the t4 gear. That’s horrible! Be lucky to get 2 :joy::joy:


I don’t get the reasoning of having one of three items needed farmable, and the rest hard limited.

Running the first roadmap gets you 25 of the 175 eggs you need for a T4 gear pull. Which tells me either those will ramp up later in the event (low initially to trick people into buying the inevitable ‘offer’ packs with egg chance), or there will be a hard limit where people need to choose 1 T4 gear pull, or 2-3 lower collection pulls.

The bloody eggs will also be a hard limit of sorts, but with greater variance if they give them out as rewards in addition to milestones, but still a hard limit will exist.

I say hard limit, but as usual, I know we’ll get boxes and offers for coin to do additional pulls.

Really there should be a raid only egg drop collection, perhaps for T3 gear singles or a wheel for farmable eggs at least.

Heres a good idea for an option, have this one for free: How about a farmable egg wheel, whose ONLY reward options are differing amounts of the other 2 types of eggs?

Ideally each collection should be a single egg type since they are all going to be obtained at different rates. Combining them seems like a cynical play to sell coin boxes to top off “the one you’re short on”


I miss the days of farmable maps for stuff like this. Remember the excitement of getting a good amount of something to drop that you needed for a wheel pull or collection? Remember how active faction chat or line chat was with people showing off their drops? Remember the amount of cans we would burn trying to get extra pulls? Ohhhh those were the days!! The days of being excited to farm. The days of not knowing we would get 1 red egg when we finished a level. The days when that extra red egg would show up in our inventory at the end of running a stage and oh boy if it said x2 or x3 what bragging we would do… I miss those days, the days of metas past…


I mean altogether. We can’t pull all of them. So far it looks like we will be getting 375 pink eggs. At first glance this means our options are limited because we can’t get one of each. We don’t know if we can expect roadmaps to have more drops or to be the same everyday or anything. The bloody eggs haven’t made an appearance yet so they could be another limitation.

We don’t know how many we can get because there is nothing published. So we are stuck saving until the end so we might be able to get something we want. And if we don’t, we wasted our time and resources on another event.


t4 gear is awesome but no gps or canteen makes it useless


Unless you already have a GPS and canteen and need just need 2 more bandoleers.


I think pink eggs need to be dropped more. other than that it seems awesome 6/10. keep up the good work Kali.


That’s the thing – you aren’t able to see the events during conception through release – a lot is taken into consideration and things are changed. It’s not a visible thing so it would be impossible to judge that “none” are taken into consideration. Does that make sense?


Where would you .go about getting them if you buy them then you prob bought t4 gear as well so need Ned for any of it


The rise to power event? The nugget events? I have 2 gps and 2 canteens saved from those events. I need a few pieces of each kind of t4 gear to t4 someone else. T4 gear is definitely not worthless. Unless you hit 2 million every single level up and have the best luck with rng it’s needed.


I have 1 t4 toon. I got them from both nugget events and I think I got 2 gps from a wheel before the first nuggo event


The whole problem with these micro events is when your done with the 1st part of it example, (Hilltop hunt in road map) then after it’s completed wats left to do? Basically nothing. Other than farming old world stages for gear and survivors, the game has become quite boring. But that’s just my point view


I love how immediately people go to you must have bought it. I bought nothing. I earned it from playing the game.

War. Nugget events. The event that just finished. Are we playing the same game?