Hilltop Egg Hunt Event [Feedback Thread]


Hello everyone! Please leave all feedback for the Hilltop Egg Hunt event here. :slight_smile:

Hilltop Egg Hunt Event [03/27/18 - 04/12/18] 🥚

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The raid drops have been nice. Have gotten eggs to drop on all of my raids so far


Why were GPS and canteens not offered?


Definitely disappointing :-1:


It’s free stuff that we don’t have to try hard for. It is mostly what we are lacking in terms of some ascendance medals and legendary gear.

My big concern is we are once again getting collections where we have no idea of what guarantee we have to get anything (that we really want). True, if we get the eggs we will get 2 pieces of trait legendary gear. The problem is that most of us are weary if we will actually get the eggs. Bloody eggs will be part of rewards, but that doesn’t mean much. What rewards? Milestones? Rank rewards? These unknowns make it difficult to be motivated about participating.


no farmable roadmaps, have to raid to get eggs, tournament reward eggs.

no canteens or gps options err i mean no gps/canteen rng option(which is bs)

snooze fest event with lots of work for a petty amount of gear.

one word to summarize this event: PATHETIC


I can’t think of any past event where anyone could have gotten nothing, so I’m sure we will get at least a piece of gear. The only question is how much.


Shouldn’t it be “The recurrence will end” or am I just being stupid


I edited to clarify. But an event that we didn’t finish a collection: Dwight, red plastic pieces, Dwight’s rifle


Going for ascendance medals. T4 6* gear is way too much hassle for its worth. After all think about it, difference between 6* t4 max and T3 max? Around 100 of each base stat. I can live without it untill it’s more accessible or I somehow maintain it without wasting tons of money or effort.


Waiting to comment until roadmap/tournament egg availability can be seen. Without those all the raiding in the world won’t get you any collections. As of day 1 25/175 eggs from roadmaps, will need about 5-10x multiplier on that per day to yield anything.


You’re not stupid – gonna double check the original info!

It was “last recurrence” :slight_smile: Thanks Alpha.


Do you remember the time they had us raid for red can pieces for weapons? What a load of crap that was.


Yes, it’s possible to not finish a collection if you’re not active enough. Those people are not counted.


Walkie, school bag, beanie and flak collection parts were saved even though they ended. When they cameback we all had the leftovers carried over


@kalishane doesn’t it seem awkward to not have the eggs drop in raids when you are planning to run a raid tourney? at least for the first half of it. Tomorrow that is.

Players have no problem farming but burning cans with no concurrent event in the background seems silly. Anytime farming is involved it is always preferred to have synergy with the corresponding event such as raids at the same time whether its solo or faction. It simply maximizes effort and gives more motivation to push further.


Hi Jeff. Just want to clarify – are you referring to The Hilltop Egg Hunt I & II collections?

The other collections appear to have a straightforward reward.

That is a great point. I will make sure to let them know this is a concern – as it always is for me looking out for feedback / etc.


According to the calendar
There will be no egg drops in raids tomorrow when the raid tournament starts @Kalishane
Why is that?


LOL remember the turkey event… 10 pulls only a few got over 1 Benedict and that took ridiculous amounts of farming.