HIKING BOOTS will not drop it's been 3 weeks


Please now no hiking boots drop I been farming my ass off and none for 3 weeks I can’t upgrade i got tons of everything else but HIKING BOOTS… Please help me


Use silver radio


That’s a good point also what stages have you been farming?


Farm world map 12 or 13.

Also use a Medium dropleader for your team and use a medium drop lead as a Faction Supporter. (Small increase in drop chance will help too)


Stage 13 stopped dropping hiking boots, even with med drop with faction mate large drop. Have to farm at least 14 forward to get the compass/belt/boot gear. Its been nerfed bigtime.


Hi, @HarryO. As for me the easiest way to farm boots is 12.3. Cause it cost 6 energy and zombies there have no roles. You can pass it even with A+ team. The second by complicity is 13.3 stage, there almost every time boots, compass or gloves can be received. Last but not least is silver radio stage, but be ready to spend 36 points of world energy before 45 minutes will pass. If you have some energy cans you also can do again passed stages - there is some chance to boots drop.


is this thread/post for real?? :rofl::rofl:

just got one hiking boots with elite item tokens today haha, I should have known it’s a sign.

never seen anyone complaining about the lack of hiking boots haha


I just got some! (I can’t remember where.)

I remember thinking, “wow! I feel like I never get those!”

I’m currently on stage 16.


They are dropping plentiful in the silver radio stages


Haha ok I’ll complain dam hiking boots in elite items!!! Should be aidens just lots of aidens