Highlight Reel of my time with TWD:RTS

This will be my First post, and I’d like it to be a positive one. Overall, I’ve had a good time these two years playing this game. There’s been ups and downs. Here are some of the ups for me!

One of my first 5*. I pulled 3 of her at once

War sure did make a big impact


Got 3 character cards. This one my sister made.

This one an artist in the region made


This one I made. Now that 6* are out, mine and Sis are outdated :stuck_out_tongue:


I probably spend too much.

Elite Tokens. Can’t wait to see this guy in 6* form

Everyone wanted her. Can give you 2 reasons why :wink:

One of my first crafts. Boy has this one seen some use

Heh, yup. That was the most tense battle ever. I lost though x/

I’d love more missions where they mention the player by name




April Fool’s stuff x)


The most damage I’ve ever got out of a rush. That was fun :slight_smile:

Check Her Out x)

Twin Beth was my turn 1 team. Andreas beware!

This made me so happy. Duane hiding in that box.

Never thought this would happen. Kudos to Scopely for making it work.

Beta Benedict Bunch. I didn’t realize what the active trainers were for and wasted them all. Derp!

It’s cool that she’s a random drop. One more reason to farm 13-3 and not silver radio maps

My first 6*. I just put stun on her claws too.

I know I said I didn’t want to brag. I kinda miss having a defense I was confident in, though. 14 uninterrupted defends, 42 total that war. My personal record.

Michonne Fan in that picture is halfway to level 126…

Was awesome to get Javier for SR. He’s one of the best 5*. Would love to see more nice completion rewards like that.

A Merc for CRW. That was his dropper team! Man was I impressed.

When your Human Shield also has Tenacity x)

The game is still fun, even now. Just wanted to go through some of the better, more enjoyable moments.


RIP good memories.

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I’ve got a whole lot more, but I didn’t want to make it a giant wall. Any favorites you guys feel like sharing?

Old School team layout, back when you could only have 3 teams. Also 4* loris old leader skill. So much has changed now…


Thanks for sharing. It’s great to see some fond memories here. I’ll have to review some of my old stuff too. Throwback Thursday :smile:


Oh man, I remember that, Chris! My first 5* was Ty, and when I got him, the dog tag limit made me have to use a 2* to include him. I used Ashley. Should have used Cletus, in hindsight x)

I later got a bunch of Jesus. Man he was awesome. That’s another thing I’d like to see, more special animation toons. Watching Jesus do the kick was the best


Great post. Thanks for sharing. Only been playing for 4 months, so it’s nice to see how far the game has come since the earlier days

Good post bro

I’m sad I missed a lot of these but thank you so much for sharing. It was fun and interesting to see!


Glad to. There’s a lot of negativity on the boards. That isn’t helping anything. Concerns can be brought to light without being inflammatory.

And I feel there’s enough good in the game to keep playing. Or keep on surviving :stuck_out_tongue:

I have so many screenshots, but I’m not trying to brag, which is why I’m not posting defends, raids, or war scores. Mostly just things I thought were fun or unique. Here’s another from my faction’s first assault

Hemorrhage: Not Useless After All!


Lots of great memories here - that Shiva bug has always been one of my favourites. Thanks for sharing Pablo!


I never thought hemorrhage was useless. TBH I think 5* Abe is better than 6*. Only my opinion tho


I agree :slight_smile:

But I’ve heard some say otherwise. What have you personally been able to use Bloody Abe for? Any stories or pictures to share?

And speaking of Shiva bugs, does anyone remember when you could replace Shiva’s claws with a katana when she first came out? I loved the thought of Shiva trying to use a katana, and so did the artist who drew one of those character cards.

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Yes! But more like…

@Jlag ha!


Ha ha. Good memories. Must go through my old phone for screenshots

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Walkerdude? The same one from the beta thread? You’re the one who restored the lost account I mentioned in my other post! Glad to see you’re still around!

lucillebluthwinks Glad I could help you out. :slight_smile:


It’s always been good, but required very specific builds for raids.

Unfortunately, I got Bloody Abe late in the game, just before 6*, and wasn’t able to use him in raids. What builds have you seen him used successfully in?

It’s an attack thing more than defense, although Hemo can get defends against people not expecting it.

I prefer yellow hemo maggie on a Barker lead team for attack

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