Higher war milestones


Can we have additional milestones for war?
100k is very easy to hit, i often hit 300k and i managed to hit 400k this weekend.

The existing milestone prizes should stay as they are, but it would be nice to have additional milestones for 200,300,400k etc.


Just stop joining the war party so your faction mates can all have a chance to hit the 100k too.
If they add higher milestones then they will undoubtedly make their “top” prize the 300k, meaning they would have thrown a bunch more junk trainers in the lower milestones and pushed the canteen/gps and Aden to 300k.
Keep milestone numbers where they are. Just make the top prizes good every time. Good work on the top prize in the last cross region war.


No, I agree. Many of us are hitting 100k easily and would love additional milestones. Our faction always makes room for people who still need to hit the 100k but there are always people in the war party who have already hit it.



There were a lot more wars this weekend due to the short scout times. Hitting 100k was very easy for most. And yea we saw most get personal highs in war score.


Of course, if they put out a 200k milestone, those who regularly fall short would bitch about scopely “trying to make people spend more” or not having a “player first attitude”.

I think a 200k milestone would be justified, not sure about beyond that.


Thats why i said “existing milestone prizes should stay as they are”.

We only stop joining the war party on the final day during a 6v6 war as it is difficult to get into the war party sometimes.
We never stop with an 8v8 war. Why should someone stop warring just because some couldn’t be bothered to put up points for the rest of the weekend?


They should stay as they are. Many regions are dying and people need some motivation to keep playing. Make the milestones hard to hit for semi-new players or ftp and they will undoubtedly leave as well. Let’s promote lower level players being able to advance and join higher ranking teams instead of catering to only the top 10 teams.


I’m torn on this idea. I know if scopely added more milestone, the ones we have now would probably end up being even more trash. It was nice getting a shot at a gps/canteen for 100k points. Also, for dying regions it’s damn near impossible to hit even 100k because of how few wars actually take place there (less then five factions). It would be nice to be rewarded properly for the effort of going past 100k though, I know I personally stopped after I hit 100k because there was no incentive to keep warring.


Or instead of adding more, just reset the 100k once ya hit it. Win-Win.


Now there is an idea!


Keeps a balance, and then you don’t have folks moaning about raised Milestones. If you wanna keep going great do ya thing. If not then there’s no issue. Plus it would be a good way to get an extra benny / lillith or whatever the reward is.


I like this idea of being able to go through the milestones again. Adding more milestones would push the top prize higher and would probably turn off some of the player base. But there should be some incentive for going past 100k. Maybe better war crates would help as well.


Hello to the naw. Lol


Me too, I’d love it. After I hit 100k I keep going, so being able to get extra milestones would feel great as a reward for the effort.
I think the war crates need an overhaul, as with the basic tokens. Even adding 4* weapon tokens in, 5* tokens in there would go a long way.


Nice idea… I would have loved to get 8 canteens or gps :joy::joy:


Much prefer this idea. Kudos


Having just put up 400k myself, I say go ahead and add more

100k 200k 300k

much past that will be redundant.


Yeahnah. That sounds like a horrible idea that would most likely drive more people away from the game.


Morons are either trolling, or are too stupid to realize what they are asking for.

Did lvl up rewards suddenly get better and have a few extra tiers added when they decided to spike those through the roof?

All you’ll get is 500k milestone for the same exact thing you are getting for 100k now… nothing more.


I agree. People need to stop with the suggestions lol. Since when have they worked in our favor. Same with the post about stopping war can drops hah