Higher Promo Pull Chances

Can we assume double chances on promo pulls, in the next few days? @JB.Scopely

Why would you think that?

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enough events in game atm earning scopely pancakes, they can bring double chances back when there pancakes are running low and not many events in game to earn them more pancakes, so save your pancakes till then.

Maybe czuz Christmas, i dont know :x

Think that ever encouraged Scopely to do something good before?


Who knows, maybe Scoepely employees don’t celebrate Christmas.

Sadly no

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Certain or w/e?


They celebrate thanks to the people in the past your 300 pulls for xx.

How bout guaranteed to not get the shaft when you do a ten pull.

I can see it now everyone throwing there google play and iTunes money into scopy’s hands if they did that.

Should be at least 2%… For ascendables

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