Higher faction rewards


In my opinion the rewards for faction events and Solo events are backwards. For this discussion I will use faction level ups and Solo level ups as an example. Most players save all of their tunes and characters for level up when it is a faction event not a solo event therefore the rewards for faction should be higher than the solo. This game is built on team playing so why are the individual events rewarded better than the team events?


Ignoring the spurious circual reasoning for your post, have you ever conaidered that it is more beneficial for your faction for you to become stronger? If that means blowing your load on a solo to get the higher rewards then no faction should begrudge you that.


The faction level up rewards are so bad I told my team until further notice all of them are optional. I said to save it for a solo where the rewards are constantly better. We phone it in and we still take top 25. The difference for 10th is usually like 500 5-star tokens and really who cares about that.

There is no incentive in a lot of these contests to even bother making a push. They really need to get someone fresh in to design the rewards because right now they are stale as week-old bread.


No it doesn’t. The idea is everyone grow instead of having 1/4 of the faction being strong. Not sure what you’re ignoring about my post but the solo rewards should be the faction rewards and vice versa. So you go ahead and “blow your wad” on a solo when the rest of your faction doesn’t. War will not be nice to you haha.


War is plenty nice to me thanks. Racked up 112k in just a handful of hours thanks to a solid set of Tier 4 maxed 6★ toons. Most of those have been gained by strategically saving up for level ups and, when the T4 gear was right, whether it was a solo or faction event, hitting the 2m mark (which I’ve done easily more than ten times now). Consequently I am one of the main generals in my faction, getting a decent amount of defends and frequent MVP as there are few defences I cannot beat.

Now tell me what I should have given up on those solos that would have helped my faction more?


Well the key word is team, its not team player or team member its team scopely. always remember that


I used to be in a faction that had people that would put up 8 billion points for themselves in solos, then barely do anything in faction, YET , they’d be the first to complain about faction placement. Same for raids


Not backwards. Solo events prizes should stay the same and faction events should improve. I don’t want solo prizes to fall off and faction prizes to improve, I’d rather both of them improve or at least one(faction) improve & the other(solo) stay as is.


Just run solo and faction concurrently.


Well the reason why the solo rewards are bigger is becuase it’s harder to win alone then it is with teamates. Or atleast that’s how I think :=)


One thing I noticed in your post was the constant I and me. Where’s the rest of your faction at. Probably the same place as the rest of us with whom are laughing at you for spending so much.



Nice guess but you’re wrong, I’m F2P. Not spent a single penny gaining any of my six stars and only purchase has been a couple of 30 day passea since six stars were released.

And of course I used words like “me” and “I”, I was talking about myself… How else do you describe yourself?


Buying the thirty day pass means you aren’t f2p…


Ok, you’re right strictly speaking I am not F2P.

But put me on a scale, where you have someone who has spent nothing at one end, and the whales bank rolling Scopley’s company yacht at the other, I’m definitely much much closer to being F2P.


Let’s please not have the “is there such a thing as almost f2p?” debate again, shall we? :slight_smile:


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