High Roller Harvest mission - Green Maple Leaves not counting [11/27]

Greetings survivors,

We are aware of an issue with the High Roller Harvest missions where the Green Maple Leaves collected are not counting towards this particular mission event even though they count toward the Harvest Pass Mission.

Our team is currently working on investigating the issue to provide a fix as soon as possible.





Do us all a favour @GR.Scopely - rather than having two types of ever so slightly different green leaves, get the team to make one of them red and save everyone the headache of decoding this event.


Honestly. How often does this happen?


Often enough to make you wonder why they don’t learn…


I think it’s partly done to confuse us. Get people spending on the wrong item because they look so similar. They did this with tokens for wheels too, they’d run two tokens at the same time that looked alike but we’re vastly different. But it confuses them as well and they code the wrong item.


Probably. It is done too often to simply be incompetence.


It’s all a psychological experiment to see how much abuse their customer base can take and still come back for more.


Suppression of a persons opinion is bad.

Jb sucks.
I get suppressed by saying it.


I think your on the wrong thread buddy, the JB “appreciation” thread is here:

Suppression on that page too.

Figure I’d spread the love.

BY which, you’re speaking about the users?

Confusion is scope’s bread & butter

And do we get the reward for finishing the mission if we have all other parts completed?

Lol im guessing they cant, green leaves will end up turning into arena tickets, ice creams into coins, brown leaves into brown turds, whales into actual whales who will get harpooned and served up as sushi.
its becoming obvious the coding and programming is so fkd now in this game scopes is losing control and its beyond repair, more stuff they add, e.g. armoury, new skills, more fkd its getting.
How many events have they fkd up on and how many gates have there been this year already??? Too many to remember…and its only going to get worse

I mean why don’t Scopely learn to carry out a little bit of quality assurance rather than churning out more bugs than an Ant hill

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Noooo waaaayyyyy !!
A bug ??
Waiiiit … A buuuug ??
That can’t be !!
You can’t be serious GR !!


We fricked up again. We can’t do anything right. SMH.

7 hrs since acknowledgement and still nothing

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