High Power Torch visual bug?


I got the torch from the faction assault bag but I can’t see it in my inventory anywhere. Is this a visual bug?


Museum? Museum items don’t tend to show in inventory


But it’s not a museum item. It’s gear to upgrade Faction Assault exclusive epics.

@kalishane @CombatDevIl would somebody please help here?


Torch? What torch?



It’s probably a visual bug. Contact support asap. I would recheck your inventory first.


It’s a bug with the Inventory not having a listing for the Faction Boss evo items, whether you have them or not. Regardless, if you got that item, you’ll have it. Just won’t be able to see how many you have until you try and evolve a character that requires that item or this issue gets resolved. I’ve logged a bug to get fixed for a future update.


Cool, thank you!