High milestones for blue mittens wth?


Sorry you feel that way.


That would only get 8,200

You actually need 4 x 1,250,00 and 4 x 750,000 if my sums is gud


Dumbest thing I’ve heard all day 🤦You still need gear for 5*!! It’s not like it’s falling from trees. I bought League Sandy and I can’t get her past tier 3 in her 5* form bc there’s no gear!!! The fact is you even MORE gear when using 5s for level ups than you do when using 6s.


Are there no weekly elite, ultra rare, and ultimate gear maps for you to get gear? The new maps also give gear markets to purchase more gear from the depot, right?

Farming specific types of gear may be harder than it used to be, but you can still farm gear in general for 5*s to use, correct?


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