High milestones for blue mittens wth?


Why are the milestones so high to get mittens? F2p players can’t even reach them unless they’re lucky.


Levelups are probably the only event where F2P players can usually keep up with P2P. Dont use F2P as an excuse here.


Yep it’s ridiculous. Should have added a much lower first milestone and had up to 500,000 being the highest you have to reach to get all possible mittens.
They do that with most other event collections so why not this one?
The toons aren’t even very good and the tokens are a non reward really with how these token wheels usually work.
This event yet again seems geared towards the paying players yet the three toons on offer won’t even be of any use to them other than to boost their already ridiculous collections.
Scopely needs to lower the necessary milestones by a massive amount otherwise I see this being their worst event to date which is a shame as the Thanksgiving event was pretty good




Luckily Blue Maggie isn’t a must get, so I’ll opt out of getting her. Ez choice


“I wont reach all of the milestones for mittens because I’m F2P” sounds like an excuse to me.


1.25 is high :man_shrugging:


If you think this looks even remotely close to being their worst event ever, you obviously were not here for the Michonne head fiasco.


Use scavenger missions to level up and league coins or videos to get coins to refresh them. It’s what I do every time. I’ve never failed to reach a milestone because of lack of trainers. I’ve only ever missed them when I’m short on gear and not interested in the rewards.


Key thing is short of gear. That shortage is massive right now. It will he the limiting factor for this FTP for sure.


“Thar she blows”


Maggie is very average anyway so I don’t know why you would specifically care about blue mittens lol


Im a collector, soooo…


I don’t believe a “collector” can be free to play


That’s really not true. Raids are probably the better choice for f2p since they don’t need to buy gear, and instead use some of the many raid refills they have (as long as they did that one roadmap and got all those raid cans)


Spoken like a true spender, haaa, I’m free to play, and get just about any toon I want so free to play shouldn’t be an excuse. I just bust my ass play hard


You can win LUs even without 6*s, so gear isn’t necessarily a big issue.


barrel for raid tournament will be greater problem for ftp players. and this way elite road in one day faction tournament will be needed too.


F2p and have hit 2mil the last several level ups, and am at 1 mil already… Maybe your doing it wrong?


Throwing out my obstacles as a FTP player in a now highly competitive region: 1) I only get about 1000 5⭐ tokens from events that give them, meaning that getting a new 5⭐ toon takes much longer than usual. 1a) No gear event means I have means to T4 many of my other legends. Many are almost Lv 80 by now so I can’t just send them XP missions all the time. 1b) Maintaining my league rank seems much harder than it was months ago. I use to survive on solo LU and SR tourneys but it seems like that’s no longer the case. 2) Because of my lack of good weapons, raids can be rather challenging, especially when I have no clue what the enemy has themselves. Also, I’m rather lazy to raid back-to-back when I’m only getting 21 trophies per win. So raid milestones are out of the question.

Yeah, I can’t afford to do anything to get any of these legacy toons. Sucks but I’m accepting that reality.