High mid level faction recruiting

Hey all. I’m posting a recruiting ad here on the forums because I need to bring in a group. We are Resistance Reborn in the Colbert region. My faction oscillates between 3rd and 5th in the region and we usually are borderline top 25 in CRW. The problem is that our overnight crew is consistently too thin. We run top 15 or so during the day and peter out overnight.

So, what I’m looking for is a group of Euros or Aussies to come in and anchor our overnight crew.


  1. We are a crew that has been together in large part for over two years now - we’re originally from Barrow - so we’re consistent, know what we’re doing, and dedicated with a mix of ftp, p2p, and a whale or two.
  2. Colbert is an ideal region with factions that work together and the number 2 whale fac in the game, Abusement Park, and they support the region wonderfully.
  3. The day shift pushes hard and with the right group of overnight players, we could make the move into consistent competition for 3rd, at least, in our region.

Please PM me if you have a group. The leader of the group would get co status and be an important part of the decisions. I am seeking up to 6 or so primarily overnight players that as looking for a LONG-TERM home.

Macs13 aka Pennywise.

Leader of Resistance Reborn, Not A Chance, and Legacy of the Resistance

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No, no, no, no, bahahaha no, no, no. Im def and others are also def not looking to feed the 2nd biggest fac in the game lol


Well I would say that you don’t have a firm grasp on the game’s meta. CRW is the majority of war, so they’re on our side. BTW, they switch to ftp defenses in AOW because they choose to support the region. It’s like having the game’s second best faction as your big brother on the playground!

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Big brother will always be big brother, sure no one will beat you up cause of big brother but big brother gets all the ladies while you always come in 2nd or last


You have no idea how we have things running here. I could try to explain myself but they would only be falling on deaf ears. I guess I can try to summarize it by just saying Colbert supports AP and AP supports Colbert.

But don’t assume that we’re all just feeding them and boosting their egos. They want the best for us as we do, them. We want the best for everyone in our region. What affects an individual, affects the region.

Facts before feelings


The AP fan club is recruiting?


Refer back to my comment

Refer back to my comment.


This was funny



Found on that big thread of yours btw


Seems the ap fans are putting a bad name on ap by doing that kinda stuff but yea like my first comment says no one wants to go to colbert to feed ap, maybe they are a great fac and people, etc but still no one wants to be food

Hahaha. What a joke of a region.
All conspiring against notorious as proved in the picture above. All celebrating APs win after only 2 battles. I don’t think anyone here has any intention of becoming meat for their raid tournaments or being the newest members of the ass kissing club.



There are pro and cons to being in a region with top factions.


  1. You know others aren’t gonna jump your parade. Few would jump in the ring and if they did it would be short term. For the fight but likely move on after.
  2. Most are reasonable. Believe it or not. It’s not fun picking on ftp. Most of the tales are overreactions of players expecting the worst which never really materializes. Cause it’s just not fun if players don’t play.
  3. CRW you have opponents getting crushed by these. This slows them, improving your placement chances. Though #1 is most likely out of each


  1. Faction placement and solo placement in events significantly reduced.
  2. Don’t even plan on special territory events. Likely you get blocked out.

I don’t understand the hate for AP. If i wasnt already commited to playing with existing friends in the long term I would have absolutely no problem playing in Colbert in any faction regardless of rank, as long as they’re active.

Who cares if it’s ap getting first or some other whale faction in some other region?

Colbert has good vibes. Hopefully people won’t be scared away by the AP hate club above.

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So in an attempt to redirect this discussion, I’m on this thread to try to find a cool, mature group of nightshift players that is looking for a new region. As you can see above, the same negative Nancy types above that post on every thread have negative opinions about a region they’ve no first-hand knowledge of, but the folks in Colbert speak highly about it and aren’t on here throwing insults around. If you want your gaming experience to be fun again with supportive folks throughout your region, come check us out!!!

I mean people can say what they want but a picture is worth a thousand words. That picture showing how people act is def a no thanks. If it was about competition and not feeding your god faction then that would had never been a thing but it is, right there, clear as day, facts, real news. A few regions have this tho, the number 1 fac is fed points, poaches the best players, etc. Its not about getting rank 1 rewards, its about not worshipping some fac or people, i get people like to think they are kings and queens in this game but no one is, no thanks Colbert, youve shown your real self, the mask has been removed a few times and that pic is just the icing on the cake.



And good. Im sure colbert is happy to not have divas like you in their region.

Didnt mean to offend your precious god ap and colbert, sorry bout that


As a person who’s been in Colbert for almost 2 years, I’ll tell you right now, AP is not as liked here as the fanboys may lead you to believe. Most of the people that wanted to feed AP in AOW are doing it in hopes of getting on whales good side and getting an advantage, but it’s not representative of Colbert and is a huge embarrassment to the region.