Hiding reduced rewards

Okay I dont know if anyone has noticed or just doesn’t care anymore, but they have massively reduced rewards. We used to get 30k to 50k 5 star tokens for winning an event now we get as low as 2k for winning an event. Trying to hide reduced rewards behind rng wheels is another terrible idea. Putting a .5% chance at getting characters that have been in the league store and war wheels already. Massively reducing milestone supply markers starving food. Also the hidden nerf to 4 star weapons in world stages. Do you dislike your community this much?


This is true.


They have been doing it with everything.
Premium wheel being the latest casualty, odds were slowly being decreased but now they are virtually non-existant


And 30k to 50k was a downgrade itself from a newly released toon.

We’ve literally gone from getting the equivalent of Jessie (most recently released toon) to 2k coins for 2nd tier toons (in other words, what was the equivalent to 4star toons back in the 5star days). Imagine if in the 5 star days, top prize was getting 1/5th of a pull on the 4 star wheel, because that is effectively what we have now in comparison.


Yes, they actually hate us. No joke, no conspiracy, they actually hate us and many things are done on purpose out of spite


Maybe…somewhere…someone… in the Scopely organization thinks the prizes are real physical things. It’s ONE explanation. lol


Welcome to scopley.

scumply you mean

Remove kal and put mercer. They already put him war wheels. Not again scopely. Fix this shit.

This game is too much hassle for them now. I can see them wanting it to die & focusing efforts on their other games doing miles better. Easiest way to do that is making everything almost unenjoyable (terrible event prizes, wheels, roadmaps etc.)


The new player counsel should suggest to scopely they sell the game to a more professional and competent company that knows what they are doing.
Only viable solution out there.
I mean compared to scopely it can’t be that hard to find one lol :joy:




That’s the thing, they are obviously trying to force players away and cut down numbers because they want to focus on their other games… It would be beneficial for both themselves and the player base if they just sold the game on. It would also prevent them from dragging their own name any further through the mud.


Even EA would be an improvement… and that’s saying something! :laughing:


I seen something on you tube where EA got told off by Disney for battlefront 2.
apparently they made it so you could buy characters like Vader and Luke outright, or had to grind a total of 40hrs at the game to unlock them.
It had most starwars fans up in arms about it.
But grinding 40hrs for a top character is miles better then the sht this company expects you to grind for


The positive there is at least you can somewhat grind for it but with Scopely there seems to be a paywall with just about anything (exceptions made for Michelle and Piper to an extent).

In a few years, all these shady business strategies will be wiped out hopefully so gaming can actually move forwards (in their respective areas).


And the stuff they want you to pay for is something a Saudi prince would think twice about buying.
they don’t seem to understand if you want people to pay for things then it must be appealing and enticing and have value for money
Selling shit out the local sewer for $99.99 isn’t appealing or enticing whatsoever lol

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They do, IDK why did you figure it out just now.

Someone just needs to make a private server for this game with actual progression and ditched pay to win

I think nobody cares anymore, pretty much just beaten into submission