Hidden by community f&@g

How can something be hidden community f@$g as soon as it is posted? Why not be honest and call it words scopley is afraid of.

Wow. SMH.


I posted a meme, and that was hidden by community flags. Ridiculous


They archived and closed a post where people where just sharing the rating of scopely’s games


It’s their new intern @topher who does the dirty work today. They’ve learned a lot of their Russian and Chinese friends in silencing people who speak up against its ruling class.


Any sort of legitimate criticism is getting reported somehow and hidden. Either new filters were placed or someone is indeed working overtime in that ‘clarification’ thread to silence the masses. Don’t believe me? Go take a look and see for yourself.


There’s a set of words, including some very common ones, that will automatically generate a flag by the forums server itself. Those are there just to draw moderator attention, since they’re often associated with inflammatory posts. If you instantly get a notification that your post was flagged, it was probably an auto-flag. I know it’s really clunky that you still receive a message that ‘the community’ flagged your post, but it’s what we can do with the forums software we have.
^^my copypasta for people who get caught up in a spiral of “everything I say is flagged”!

There are venues where you can speak without filters in place; this one has a set of rules and is actively moderated. There are over a dozen people in the moderators group, and a couple of them are generic shared accounts, so just because you see one name doesn’t mean others aren’t also doing stuff behind the scenes.

Threads about moderation generally don’t accomplish anything other than getting people riled up and are typically removed (see forum guidelines).


@LadyGeek are you standing by this game and there response? Not sure how one could. Just wondering where you stand?


I’m doing the same thing I always do: hit my milestones and help anyone I can. I know the game is imperfect; it always has been. I do my best to advocate for change without attacking people.


Fair enough I know you have to beat around the bush with your answers. I was not attacking you. Just wanted to know how someone could still stand on scopes side and do work for them is all.

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Do they expect you to help them sweep this mess under the rug?

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These words are not inflammatory. Maybe fan and rag. But there are times I post something and it is fanned, and I have no idea what the offending word is.

I know it’s not you, but it’s childish for shamplay to do that.


What the hell? Why?

The words themselves are not inflammatory, but often associated with inflammatory posts. Yes, there are false positives. It’s an imperfect system; I acknowledge that.

Edit: why? The word flag was quoted. I already unflagged it.

@LadyGeek always the same calm rational demeanor, do you ever get your feathers ruffled. You remind me of a Buddhist monk. Kudos


Where is this place we can freely communicate with Scopely?

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lady geek has always been level headed just confused why she would continue to work for scopes. She is being used and that’s not right. Unless she is doing it knowing there wrong and is willing to sweep It under the rug

Nowhere on Earth lol


Use binary

01000010 01100001 01101110

I didn’t say there’s a place where you can communicate freely with Scopely :slight_smile: If you want to communicate with Scopely, you do it under their terms, same as with any other company. If you want to attack or organize actions against a company, you do it somewhere where they can’t monitor everything you say.