Hi. Is Erin (Five Star) worth using?

I got her from Konrad tokens and I’m curious how hood she is.

Depends, are you a new player?

Yes I am.

Then she would probably be good for you to use, though try to get any ascendables or 6 stars asap (ascendables have 5 white stars and 1 yellow star)

my ascendables are
yumiko, lydia, romanov, gator and im getting some characters after war from tokens

Which yumiko? Blue or yellow

She has a bow and arrow

Ascend that Lydia she’s one of the best characters

I will. Need gear though.

only reason I’d use her is for the avatar pic lol. one of my fav ones

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keep her she might be a ascendable soon plus she has a good leader skill

After Lydia, ascend Romanov. You are already off to a great start

I have alpha now is she worth ascending

Blue or Green? Both are good toons worth ascending as well.

I still want her for old times sakes :cry: is use hersomebow. Like to keep some of my old faves relevant. Some are in certain ways. Wink wink

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she has chainsaw in six star form

lol u have some great luck mate

what do you mean

u pulled lydia, romanavo and aphla, that’s some good luck!

oh. thank you. i dont use romanov atm though but i probably need to