Hi i have a question about iphone repairs

my iphone se needs a new battery, but apple wants $50 to replace it. should i go that or buy one of those ifixit kit thingies. thanks for any help that you can offer

Depending on what your iPhone is I think they’re offering a $25 settlement right now. Also $50 For a new battery isn’t bad

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Battery degrade over time so a new one would likely be worth more than fixing it

no, the kit im thinking of buying for $30 comes with a battery, and the tools needed to replace it.

Yeah buy one of those kits. Did the same over a year ago, but you will need a helping hand because it is not easy to replace the battery with your own two hands. It’s definitely worth it.

Yes I see what you mean but if you get one and do it wrong you could damage your phone or make it worse plus Apple know what they are doing at it will be an Apple battery.

And if apple messes up, they can give u new phone too. Happened to a friend of mine w similar battery change.

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If your not a good diy. Get it fixed

Only time I say get it fixed is unless you dont have a facebook linked. If you dont have that you need a purchase. If you dont have a purchase get the phone fixed and buy a 99 cent offer and screenshot it.

Just buy an android.No need for bullcrap like replacing battery every year or other stuff like that.

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I replaced the battery on my iphone a couple years ago, it wasnt easy there were really tiny screws, but if I could do it, anyone can. You just need to really pay attention to what you are removing and not get distracted by anything.

the procedure on the se looks kinda easy. just remove 2 screws on bottom, suction cup screen off, and a few things to disconnect.

yeah it makes sense. i have another se i can practice on though if i need to

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Send it to @Link, her girlfriend will take care of it!

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what do you mean

There is probably a YouTube video on it

You have to be careful because screen is attached to the whole hardware inside through a cable. Those kits are pretty good. Actually it’s a simple procedure (repair shops do the same) but a helping hand will help greatly.

apple wont actually repair it, they swap it out for a refurbished phone.

yeah i have a friend who can help hold the phone if he needs to.

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i dont want a different phone, i just want a new battery lol

yeah i didnt either so i didnt go through with it through apple. good luck if you decide to open it up yourself :slight_smile: