Sometimes I don’t understand why some people even try to go for these S-class Characters. They take way too much time and money.

Seems everything is strategically accidental bud , really a shame how this one goes…

this is what i am saying

That’s without mods. Add another 1,000 lol

Too much power… I’d rather just have the normal six star this power lung ruining all the good feelings I had from lucky pulls.

A double maxed atk mod priya is screaming War horseman

And this is exactly why im spending more time on another game Thank you scopely for giving another reason to put your game on the backburner.


And yet a few will pump more money into this game and get a S class Priya. Whilst Scopley rub their hands together and laugh.
This game is well and truly doomed. (Good) RIP.


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Well those yellow Kals are looking mighty good now…

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That’s what all them threads were about they were game breaking that’s why this toon is possible there trying to reset the game again because ya know it was broken!!!

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more like 20% of the time he takes 25% of her health…
andrea at 800% does little in this game now

R.i.p walking dead i don’t understand why they just had to buff the s class stats when they was already high esp with the veteran rings and alot of people have asked to buff romanov or even Leon maybe a few others I can’t think of but its just getting to be to much how is anyone gonna stand a chance in war or whatever esp if people go buy priya through vk and have like 3 or 4 of her and if they think it’s gonna be another reset they better think again cause alot more people will prob leave the game. Its ridiculous they are like here’s a list of everything that’s changing oh and by the way he’s a really insane op toon for all you big spenders f everyone else

it’s a myth they have buffed the s class, it was actually just showing the wrong stats they were always suppose to be that strong, that’s why the can’t buff anyone else…

I must be drinking the kookaid again lolz

Very relevant point there

no problem i keep spending…

for my family life. :wink:

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