Hey you kid... Want some snowballs?


Can you blame Scopely for trying to cash in on people’s impatience?

Given that we’d expect to all end up six snowballs beyond the 55 anyway, not sure why you’d buy eight now unless you’re planning on taking the last two week’s of December away from the game…


It can be also good for people who have some catching up to do

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Yeah this is actually nice of them especially for people who missed a day or so…

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Yeah, woke up to this. Don’t even surprise anymore. Just shake my head at how much of scumbags the whole group is. Seriously. What is the point of making an event that rewards players for hard work only to then make it so once again the pay to win ba****ds gets the shortcut.

You can miss a total of 6 day. If you are a hardworking fella who all they need to do is connect and take the gift wihout forgetting… then this offer is kinda a bummer to everyone who worked hard to get here. 26 currently snowglobes and the one from today(27) will be given later. So, yeah.

You can buy 7 offers
In other words free toon for $35.00
My offer is $4.99

What about people who just started playing within the last 2 weeks? Technically if none extra were offered they may get to the end and be a couple short. This is a good deal for them imo. Also who cares if someone wants to spend to get her a little early? She’s good but not Earth shattering, what’s the difference? Everyone else still getting her for free.

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People are impatient and companies will always try to profit off it, thats why express services are a thing. I tried getting a letter from my college and they told me i had to wait 10 days but i could pay to get it in 3 so i paid cause i didn’t want to wait 10 days lol. I don’t see anything wrong here since everyone can get her for free.

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I don’t really understand the cynicism here.

Lets be honest she isn’t a great toon anyway, most pay to win players will never use her & even if they did buy the offer as a short cut they would gain access to the toon a whole 8 days before F2P would get her, so what?

This offer benefits a very small section of the player base that have missed part of the collection. No more than that.


Next thing you know they’ll start charging us for the free revive.

Either that or she needs comic books to upgrade… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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You know what, I would actually buy this for an 8 day advance… but then I just realized that I don’t have any gear so I can afford to wait the 8 days. Keep on surviving.

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Yea but if you have been playing you should have 26… you would only need to buy 4. So you can get her today for $20.

I was kind of excited for her bc she can be tanky with good mods. But, I recently acquired violet so I don’t think I’ll have room for salami anymore.


How is that hard work? And why do you care what other people do? Everyone gets a free toon it just depends how long you want to wait


I seem to remember fanfare about needing to log in every day for 55 days on the trot.

Not really fair they change the goal posts like this.

Hardly hard work, and not even an issue. If players want to spend money to get Solange 6 days early, let them waste their money. Every player has a chance to get her for free, so it isn’t like a paid exclusivity.

Amazon, UPS, FedEx sells faster delivery times for a higher price. Wow, such scumbags for them to charge higher prices to someone who wants their packages earlier.


I expect to see someone who said solange sucks buy all of these just to flaunt getting her early

Spending money isn’t a issue. What I find an issue is making a tournament to reward nothing but daily logins. To reward those that actually DID something SPECIAL to obtain what the event ask for.

Basically, something that you need to do to obtain it. Kinda like you getting that shiny unique sword in WoW that comes with a title which you needed to cook 1000 different dishes or something. But, you made it there by grinding and just normal hardcore game farming but someone else can too obtain that tittle by paying 3$.

Not fair for the people who had to connect every single day and was waiting for a free toon for a while that was not given out of “luck” like they did with their Halloween event.

Sure, some people may begin TWO weeks or maybe three weeks after the event have began. What if the answer I can give you? There is none. Because that comparission is worthless. League of Legends, Dota, hell. Most online games give you a UNIQUE event most of the time with things that can only be obtained if you were playing since the game began or were high level. Basically, a reward to high level players or just newbies who were LUCKY to start the game that week. I came back once a few days into that one telltale event and didn’t get the items needed for a guaranteed 5* a year or so ago.

Dind’t matter nor it should had because I WAS UNLUCKY to enter the game before knowing there was such a thing like an event. No new player knows that there is an event going on unless they enter the game for the first time. Like, say. What if someone got inside the game ONE DAY before the snowglobe events ends? They can just pay to win. Who cares for all those idiots who went and connected 55 days non-stop to obtain this toon. “Lets make it so people can get a short cut! How? New unique roadmaps? Nah, money!”

That, right there. Is another answer to the “it doesn’t matter”. It matters because it isn’t right. If they want to give those that missed a few days a chance then give it through coins they can obtain through TAPJOY or VIDEOS. Maybe a unique roadmap? But, no. Because it’s scopely and they are greedy as the Edds… they ask for REAL MONEY. Which is a huge middle finger to all non-spending players. Not even coins which once again paying players can get easily no problem.

All you see if “this dude don’t want to spend money? He even comes here to cry! hahahHa.” But the thing is, I will not spend a single penny on Scopely, nor their game, nor many other online mobile game because they went off rails on the part that makes a online game AWESOME. The true rewards that made it so people can easily identify veteran players from newbies. Unique skins, unique toons, unique events… everthing that was mean to be a “unique” or “limited edition” went and could be obtained in this game any time after one week of the “event”. Look at the Christmast toons. Those that are supposely to be obtained during Christmast as done through the event and premier “christmast cache” in which all christmast toon became available. Now? Now you can easily obtain any “limited edition” toon if you are lucky.

This game, which have zombies(the only thing that keeps me here really) and good game mechanics… is going downhill on what makes a game… well, a game. This is more like a big spending contest. Who cares if you have been playing three, maybe two or four years in the game. One player who just started can make it were you are now thanks to the great price of 3,99$! What do you say? How do you know how old those players are? Well, you can’t! All tittles can be obtained in three months! Maybe two if you spend some money!

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