Hey y’all,don’t come to Pike

Very Inactive,Top Faction doesn’t care about region,Rude people (Sometimes). It’s time to let the Pike region die. Most will move on out of region. (I don’t know about me yet). It’s not worth the time nor resources to come here. Scorched earth (#1 Faction) has given up on us (They’re a******* anyways). Just a friendly advisory


No worse than my region Berrien.

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Well don’t want you dying best you move to somehwere one of your mates may go
My advise
You could also maybe help out a reigion and pass on what you know

@Da.Gov.of.Pike You know you and your group have up on me a long time ago Wes… and gave up on pike

@Da.Gov.of.Pike We’ve both been Big Fish in the Pike pond for a while,yet we have never combined our heads and teamed up,why is that?

LMFAO! You big fish??? Hahaha

Okay I don’t like pike from what I’m seeing right now


Question is do someone wants you to join their region, that is not up to them to decide but still…

Why’s your 2nd and 3rd faction leaving so they can get 2nd and 3rd in a different region lol


Cause losers always tend to convince themselves that it’s everything but their own effort, skill or whatever that is holding them back.


Well it’s because the number 1 faction is always coining LOL


Or it’s because the top factions treat them so poorly they don’t want to play. Believe it or not many top factions are full of people who who are so nasty to everyone in the region that they move on to something they doesn’t make them miserable. Go figure.


Pike/Sorched Earth seem all right

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Winners win, losers lose. If people are targeting others out of sheer entertainment that’s just lame But I’d say usually any trolling has some sort of history behind it. Whether it’s due to people being salty or just people whose mouths wrote checks their ass couldn’t cash.

They’re probably still #2/#3 elsewhere judging from CRW, but ya’ll are some monsters, thank goodness I only have to face ya’ll in CRW, that’s enough for me

Did y’alls #2 & #3 disband entirely???

They won’t leave if you do…

Sounds like a bunch of babies. Everyone’s gonna fly to green pastures that dont exist. Every number 2 and 3 is thinking they will suddenly be amazing I guess when they transfer. Spenders will rule especially if it’s free transfers

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I was wondering because they don’t come up checking leaderboards from past CRW. If ya’ll are leaving they should just stay and recruit to Pike lol. This thread doesn’t seem like a wise move.

Ummm if you and your six 6* is considered a “big fish” then Pike is a really sad region outside of SE. If you’re #2 or #3 there you would probably do well to stay there.

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