Hey VK cheaters



Though if you are dumb enough to give your bank/private details to a mob that is known for cheating and hacking, so you can cheat your way into getting more pixels, well… what do you expect :joy:

ETA: just got this off a faction mate and thought I would share though unsure of details, is amusing.


Lol 2016?


This is awesome, but lets keep letting them do it so they could lose everything over a game. :slight_smile:


LMAO, I’ve been warning people for months about vk.


That moment when it’s irrevelent because our regions cheaters don’t even vk lol, they got free hacks


I used to watch some videos from vice on youtube, they are not trustworthy, i dont like cheats and hacks but im russian and a vk/facebook user. It is very easy in use, and only requires your phone number so u wont create many fake accounts. Every social net is not 100% anon except maybe telegram. Yeah, no news of hacked accounts on vk lol


I tried to find the article and only found one from 2016, so could be old. Still… serves as a timely warning :slight_smile:


There is no need to worry about using VK as a platform itself, they need to worry about spending money on hacking and supporting it via purchasing from vk groups.


I understand VK is like FB, its those who use it for cheating that bring its rep down :frowning:


Yep, VK is just a platform like facebooks, it s the VK groups that offer hacks that are the problem. That said, giving personal info like passwords is a no go for me. Not that I would contemplate cheating if it didn’t require giving personal info.


Cheating aside, it’s still a huge risk. As I understand, users of vk (in THIS context, vk=hackers group) need to give access to their RTS account. Even if they’re using paypal or other secured methods to transfer money to the hackers, their RTS account is very likely tied to their actual cc information, real facebook account, etc. It’s not rocket science.


@Red_XIII do tell since you’re in a faction who cheats


VK buyers are banned or will be ban… there was already a wave


For argument sake, even if that was true, you can’t simply dismiss my feelings towards cheating and Coosa’s wellbeing because of my factions reputation.


No, but if cheats are allowed in a faction, then that’s part of the problem. Faction leaders should kick cheats.


Was that directed at me? If anyone has a problem with cheating, it’s me lol


Top faction in coosa had player banned by scopely. What does that faction do? Bring him right back in with his alt to keep at it… gotta love hack coosa


Quite frankly at this point who gives a crap about the 1 confirmed cheater in Reds faction? There’s a whole faction full of them, i agree both need to have something done about but 1 compared to damn near a whole faction with maybe a few exceptions? At this point Scopely should do an audit of every damn account in coosa and all those that have used vk, airplane mode for armory and massive repeated refunds…wipe the accounts out. Coosas on its way to being dead anyway, banning half the accounts on it won’t make any difference. Pick up the pace scopely. And frankly I’d be willing to place money on Red being one of the accounts left alone and not banned after all that.


Appreciated ty :slight_smile:
Heck, I’ll pass on my player code for auditing if there’s any doubt otherwise.

The effects of this one stand-alone account in question, dare i give out specifics, was also used by someone formally and now, in ZK.

To keep on topic, Coosa is being victimised by not one, but a whole faction, and i repeat, it isn’t the result of VK, but an in-house hacker offering no charge to tamper with coding via use of cheat engine.


Even without the data leak, it should be common sense that lending your information to someone else opens you up to hacks regardless…