Hey scopley, thanks

I’m trying for Donny, stop giving me the same two shitty characters. Thanks.


Dont worry they will soon make up a 50$ Donny offer just for you :laughing:


i have been trying the same, i keep getting rick joshua and vernon.

damn vernon grrr

I was trying to get him through Ascension between 10-15 times during a level up and then got him from the 5 star tokens I received from the level up. So he’s in the 5 star token wheel. Not that that massively helps your current situation, but it’s another way of getting him if you’ve been saving 5star tokens for a while waiting for a wheel update like some have.

Official RNG odds:

  • Heads - Rick
  • Tails - Glenn
  • if it lands on side - Donny

lol thats the best way to describe how much chance RNG has to give you exactly what you want :rofl:


that’s not entirely true… i just pulled a caroline & rick this week… so add her into the mix.

0.5% = 1 in 200
(aka 5 pulls x @ 40)

I’m trying for Andrea or Eric but all I got is endless mark :slight_smile:




Chip buddy, don’t know if you know this but he’s in the museum for comics. In a mere 12 WEEKS he could be yours, that’s 45 comics at 15 comics every four weeks for doing the missions.

oh damn. 12 weeks will fly by. Thanks :wink:

It’s also worth noting though that if you are only going for 1, you would most likely expect to pull the toon on the 100th pull, as you are as likely to get it on the 1st as much as the 200th. The 100th pull would be the average. Doesnt mean you’ll pull it by then of course, that’s just an average.

Assuming 0.5% chance of course.

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