Hey Scopley, I think your RNG is broken

I did a 10 pull on the 5☆ wheel and got 3 Marlon & Rosies… If the odds are 7% to get any ONE of the 12 ascenable toons from that wheel, what are the odds of getting 3 of 10 of the same character??

I think I’d have a better chance of hitting the lottery twice… while being struck by lightning… and getting bit by a shark…



Scopely has given me 4 of the flame bow yumikos in the past week (the non ascendable 5 star)


No Marlon and Rosie for the rest of your bucket bracket :cry:


i have noticed that too, the dupes odds have increased since the new updated wheel, i got same 5stars for multiple times.

Look like scopely is increasing buckets for F2P to prevent us from spekaing out. WE WILL STILL SPEAK OUT.

He’s outdated and… Outclassed anyways…

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Got two morgans on a 5* pull (6)

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3 red Negan & 3 blue Ivanova from 6 pulls at the 5* toon wheel in the past 2 weeks. But yeah “odds” are sooo even balanced. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Since they already had him last season it should be obvious that the majority has bought Negan. Also it’s a shame that it wasn’t possible to pull him when he was premier recruit back then, now they throw him at you at every chance.

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Yeah, actual character rarity and exclusivity is gone. Almost every single character in the 5 star bracket and below is easily obtainable.

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I do not think rarity and exclusivity is gone since there are still plenty of 5* toons which are simply not obtainable. How about blue Richard? Have not seen him since I got him end of 2017. What I miss is the diversity of toons you can pull in such wheels, not merely about getting the best and this fast. Erica or yellow Glenn would be awesome but will I pull them? Certainly not, but always the same 4 - 6 5* toons and this is annoying.


The important word there is “if”.

Who says the odds to get any of the ascendable toons are equal? Who says it’s random, for that matter? Scopely publish the odds of you getting a 5* or a 5* ascendable. Beyond that, they don’t claim anything about the odds.

Haven’t seen Derek in ages.

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Nah… RNG ain’t broken… There never was an RNG, they manipulated everything on purpose…

I didn’t get ANY ascendable in the last 6 months, doing an elevated number of pulls.
So those odds are garbage. :slight_smile:

It’s a double win (for them).
they fill their quota but also dump in on someone who won’t use more than one (maybe 2)


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