Hey scopley. Come here

Now that your here, why don’t you make this offer available.

Or how about you give new regions the first purchase reward that I got on ALL of my old accounts, it may only be a 5* glenn but being in a newer region and having to compete with 3 year old regions in leagues and crw i think people should be getting more for less to catch up or at least get what every other region got and tbh newer regions should have at least a 6 month grace period before being thrown to the s10 wolves

They actually raised the price of that offer. It was 8.99 before

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Didn’t you post this 4 days ago and get no replies :thinking:


I like my offer


Yeah but if I spam maybe they’ll put it up.

How did you get this to happen.

I’m still waiting on the 8.99$ epic gear! It’s been almost 2 weeks!!!

Amazon was messed up for a while , I couldn’t buy at that price sadly lol

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