Hey Scopes weres mine man I'm a beta tester and I didnt receive this

I got mine , did you played any events ? RAID or something on beta region ?

Why would beta players get in an game advantage for participating in beta?


We are all beta testers.

Finding bugs as we go… daily.


Testing out features , errors , since we dont get anything from that region it is nice to have some stuff after testing the weapons for them.

That’s way too big of a gift for basically not testing anything since they don’t even listen. Considering the fact they just gave everyone 3 cans for their weapons bug on the world map when players spent 5x that at least. It’s quite insane this “gift”.


Totally unfair and apple users can’t Play bêta it seem


Nope , i think it is a fine gift , since they just put 5* weapons now these 4* are meeeh since you going to have to change to 5* , not bad but not broken .

Sure. You think it’s fine because you got it. How is a beta gift better than almost any compensentation they have ever given?

Hey all,

As we previously mentioned here: Wayland + 5-Star Weapons Launch Event

If you triggered the weapons tutorial in Public Beta, the tutorial will not trigger again, preventing you from getting your tutorial weapon on live regions. Please allow 48 hours for us to gift you the tutorial weapon and tokens you would have received to research the upgrade, as well as a gift for participating in Beta.

So to clarify this a bit further, the beta players who completed the armory tutorial are missing out on items in-game that players who did not participate in the beta received by completing that tutorial on their live region. If the tutorial was completed on beta it will not be available on non-beta regions. I hope this helps to clarify!


Oh, that’s better then. But I never received any blow torches…

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Here another question when ur a beta tester and I updated my game why did I not see this beta region

Wait @TayTron is the weapon suppose to be 4* or a 5*?

Actualy what i think it is that you are only mad because you wanted some freebies , the weapon is not even that op since it is a 4* , if you are mad about the compensation go to support And file a ticket but being mad about not recieve something that is literally not going to change anything is just stupid , i get it that not recieve anything is a bit boring but it is for people who tried things on the beta region.

It’s literally the stuff to 5* a weapon in our main region. If u did the armory tutorial in the beta region they sent it to your live regions so you didn’t miss out.(armory tutorial can only be done once). Wasn’t an advantage was just giving us what everyone else got.

That’s simply not true. The tutorial certainly didn’t give 60k tokens or two of the blowtorches. Weapon yes.

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To upgrade the weapon to 5* it costs 50k armory tokens(which u got for free in tutorial to upgrade aikos weapon). Albeit we got to choose which weapon to 5* and we got some extra parts, but we also dealt with arena bugs and all the other bugs over the years. Don’t like it? Join beta :slight_smile:

So you come on here and make a post knowing it’s wrong… Makes sense.

Says the guy complaining about 2 blowtorches in a game riddled with bugs. I do my part to test the updates and send feedback. What do you do other than bitch n complain?

Ha, you are doing a wonderful job! Keep up your hard work. Congrats on getting an advantage over players for “testing” the product.

I don’t know why your getting your panties in a bunch. Bottom line it’s not fair. That’s all. Lots of things aren’t fair in this game. I was just making a statement on a forum.