Hey scopes how about a thank you


I know twd rts isn’t your only game, but I feel like we are big part of it you scum. All players should see what they’ve done for you even if it was a few months ago. Saying you owe us is an understatement.


That’s old news and wasn’t earned from customer revenue. It was an investment they received a while back.

However, there is a site called Thinkgaming that shows a rolling 30-day snapshot of iPhone daily revenue so you can see what they make. I think today’s number was $62k per day from TWDRTS from Nov 5 - Dec 4


Can we at least see Walter’s cool new yacht and topless stripper parties


Sadly, no :frowning:


And that number is doubled whenever a new toon is released, especially overpowered ones like Erika and Madison.


Prolly a bunch of dudes anyways


No doubt it definitely spikes during promos. I’ve never seen it go higher than $85k, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t, and that’s just iPhone alone.