Hey Scopely, Why not try a RESOLUTION to avoid a REVOLUTION?

@kalishane Welcome to 2018! As you are well aware, the latter part of 2017 was an absolute bust for Scopely, and time after time promises were not kept (which would also be known as “Scopely lied” in a more common vernacular, but I know you don’t like that phrase, so I will relegate it to the subtext here), events were rolled out that ranged from grinding snooze-fests to repetitive snore-a-thons, spotted with an occasional war with an astoundingly lackluster reward that fell short of the mark of what the players’ feedback indicated was wanted. The one caveat being the Siddiq war, as that was actually the last war worth fighting for, and even that’s debatable, since he’s not truly a “unique” toon, but I’m not here to start a discussion on that.

What I would REALLY like to address is the utter LACK OF COMMUNICATION coming from anyone about legitimate concerns. I know, I know, you say that you are stretched over a myriad of duties and social platforms, and that you also have to address your PMs, but let’s get down to brass tacks here; you are the COMMUNITY MANAGER, and as such you should ADDRESS THE COMMUNITY, especially when there are several significant issues that are verging on the edge of sparking a revolt of a significant portion of your player base. If you are as social media savvy as your job title, and proclaimed duties allege that you are, then you are more than aware of the damage that can be done by the bad press that disgruntled and vocal players (CUSTOMERS) who are not getting the Customer Service and Information that they are requesting repeatedly can create.

So, what I am requesting, and also suggesting, is that you carve out a chunk of your day to stop responding to anything other than the most pressing issues at this particular time, and compose a Thorough, Well Thought Out, and Well Written Response in which you Directly Address the following:

  1. Albert’s Letter
  2. Apple’s New Policy on Odds and Scopely’s Status on Updating Pull System
  3. Rewards - Why are they still Hot Shit on a Plate after all the Feedback?!???
  4. Dates/Timeline for Old 5* Ascendable Releases
  5. Region Merges/Transfers

If the information is not readily available to you, take some initiative, and get it. That’s how businesses work; if you don’t have the answer, you track down the person that does, and hound them until you get the answer. Scopely is a CUSTOMER DRIVEN BUSINESS. You are the COMMUNITY MANAGER, so work to answer the COMMUNITY’S questions. Period.

You already have Andrea lurking around, ninja closing/merging threads and banning people, so rest your weary mind about that pesky task.

I implore you to make a RESOLUTION to be a better Steward to the TWD:RTS COMMUNITY in 2018 by focusing your attentions on the questions and concerns of the many. Less memes, less gifs, less cheeky remarks, and more substantial INFORMATION.

I firmly believe that if you take step, you can make a very profound impact on preventing, or at least doing significant damage control, on the imminent REVOLUTION. If you want to clean up the “Toxic Environment” that you talk about so frequently, you have to do your part, and stop pouring poison in the water.


Yea right… @kalishane is going to avoid this like the plague

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The degree of personal attack in this thread is going to result in it getting ignored which is a shame as the points are valid ones just not aimed at the right person. @kalishane is an employee of Scopely and has very little influence. To personally attack her won’t help anyone or anything.

Personally, im of the opinion shes the CM equivalent of “the bobs” from Office Space

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Copy and paste is a beautiful thing




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Agreed, Captain Hammer

don’t forget #6

Restoring players accounts when they get new devices without providing a purchase receipt!!! Like in the “old days”, you know less than 8 months ago!

A free to play game is now requiring proof of a purchase to prove its your account?!

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You can thank all the VK coin cheaters for that issue.

Passing accounts to VK and then they gave it back to the cheater, that’s how it worked.

Also note, SCopely doesn’t care about F2P anymore now that the whales have been milked of their salty milk.

F2P was for the early part of the game to inflate the populations and allow whales to have easy killings.

Why do you think there are so many regions to begin with? To spread out the whales.

As we’ve seen with CRW when it’s Whales vs. Whales, it’s a total shit show.

When it’s whales feasting on F2P, that was when the game was at peak popularity.

F2P chased the dream of someday taking down the “big evil #1 faction” . After 2 years they have realized that the true way to beat the whales, is simply outlast them when they quit.

Now the F2P can win 10K 5* tokens and pull Green Kenny ROFL

While the whales can go cry to the bank


Yea this is utter trash, basically because a select few abused account recovery ( scopleys problem ) They then basically push the blame on everyone else because THEY themselves didn’t have the proper steps to prevent this.

Only at scopley can they make THEIR problems, everyone else’s problem and punish ALL the FTP player base because THEY had issues properly protecting peoples accounts from theft from a very select few.

If people cant understand and see from this text how their current system is a failure. Then you have 0 chance at being able to rationalize your way through life.

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Great post! Bump

Humpty Bumpty

Oh wow. That’s almost poetic.

Outlast Jeremiah for the whales, Outlast IRL for the F2P


So true. Started a thread and keep trying to get Kali to respond to no avail. She asked my friend and.teammate a.question 2 days ago, he responded in 2 hours and radio silence since then from her. She doesn’t givery a fuck and in the meantime a 2 year ftp player cannot play. Horrible customer service, especially since they allow cheating to run rampant and a legit player can’t get his account back. If he spent 10k on the game it would have taken 30 seconds. Well, this is Scopely so maybe 24 hours…

I don’t get it.

Why not sell the game and accounts to another company if they don’t want to work on the game anymore…
I’m sure there’s other company’s who would be interested in a app game that can be top 50 in gross in the Apple App Store. Possibly a lot higher.

But instead there sunsetting…basically there taking as much crops as they can and then there salting the earth…so nothing will ever grow again.
You would have thought they would have more respect for the game, licence and players/payers.

They seem to have brought the grim reaper of games to control the vocal population while they bury the game.
Something we all love…

What can be done…
How can we save the game?

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@selket any update on this post?

Viva la Revolución!


I would really like to see a reply from @kalishane regarding this shameful company and the situation we´re in.

Thanks for speaking up Selket!