Hey scopely what are you doing?

Why are investing so much time and money in new game additions nobody’s asking for. How about you update current content, like territories which is still full of bugs and many not used.
Why not start an another tt event??
Can also add more world maps again, that is entertaining just don’t add swears, they will be ##### now.
And what about blitz wars? Aows? Make those 6 vs 6 and perhaps a new map again?
Or even try out different numbers 5 vs 5 or 7 vs 7.

Maybe even a 5 star only blitz, so many play for war and you got so many options to keep it interesting but you chose to add more crap like that faction wannabe war event that failed horrible just like this horde will.

Maybe give us rewards for reaching certain reputation milestones? Make it useful for once

Ohh and while busy maybe combine some of the stores and tokens? To many tokens, wheels and stores now.
Supply points can be removed and combined with league same for gear. Make it simpler and less browsing around through each outdated store.


You say this, then go on to mention new additions, hmm. Let’s admit, only a small amount of people want 5* war


What a bunch of new, original, and exciting ideas…

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New idea:

Add a way for players to attack other players teams. Sort of like a mini war. Maybe factions can band together and battle with enemy factions for one hour, the rewards can be the equivalent of a torn up shoelace.


People have been asking for new events and hordes are exactly that. Nothing wrong with that. They average about 1 new tournament a year, it’s not bad to see a new one, Assault was 15 months ago now. Reforms are good but not as interest grabbing as new stuff.

You ask for variations to wars, while also knocking onslaught. People have asked for 30 v 30 war just like you’re asking for 5 v 5, they delivered…

Yes it needs it improvements and hopefully now they can double back around to it and others now the ‘new tourney’ crowd has been appeased.

I don’t want total new game content that’s gonna fail anyway. More bugs etc. It’s easier to set up blitz more often and if they want to add something new spice up current content

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I didnt ask for the horde mode but damn i want it! It looks fun! Doing level up, raids, level up, sr, war, level up, raids, level up, sr, faction level up, etc over and over and over is draining

But yes they need to invest time and money into fixing bugs and updating the outdated stuff in game but everything went into horde mode which does suck but i am hoping it will be as fun as it looks and give us a break from the 3 reapeated weekly events of level up, raids and sr once and awhile, i hope they dont replace wars with hordes cause that will be a shit show


Right. 5* wars regress the game compared to ideas that can progress the game, like trait specific wars. Change up the way the game is being played by introducing new strategies/mechanics, not default to old ones.

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So free rewards are boring? You have to fight for them like you fight for everything else in the game.

To be fair this new event is actually pretty fun.

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lets do some live raiding, two players separate timers, attack live


With how fragile the servers are for this app, no thanks

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now these are some great ideas

In hindsight, another plus to adding Horde mode is that it counterbalances War of Champions being for a select top few factions. Doesn’t feel like their catering for a select group unlike when it was first announced

No way on 5* war open the flood gates next is 4* wars

He mentioned tweeking existing events in his defense, it doesnt take much to change war numbers etc

the point i think hes trying to get across is fix the game before you add new features which will no doubt create more bugs in the game

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looks fun … it’s not

What if i told you that i think war is boring? I like this horde event and honestly cant wait for it

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After extensive playing i tried to enjoy it but it is excruciatingly imbalanced trying to beat revives etc

personally from my playing of it, i want to enjoy it but unless they cap 6* it wont go very far

my opinion and you have yours, im not trying to change it, i hope you do enjoy it, a complete change to the game which is needed but this falls short for me

Respect your opinion, we do need more events/tournaments tho and this one for me is fun, i def think all that time amd money should be put toward improving what is already had as what we have is outdated and full of bugs but at the same time a new event is welcome, onslaught would be fine imo if they had milestones and better rewards, still think we need like 3 more events/tournaments to keep things from being so damn stale and repetitive