Hey scopely theres is a big problem for new players


The milestones are waaaay to high to any new player play , and the lack of 4* tokens for new players makes the game impossible to play , if you dont have a way to upgrade your 5* to s2 you cant get any prizes or milestones and of you try to farm the ultra gear you gonna get destroyed with your s1 character , just saying because 30 new players just left the server last war


Private servers, we need priiiivate servers!! Damn need to talk to some Russians whether it will be possible. I’m super hyped about this idea!


Agree, there is a lack of good curve for new players to pick up their game and progress. We have a few in our faction and it is a struggle for them to put up meaningful numbers in events, never anywhere near milestones


When I was new, I wasn’t pulling in good numbers at all. Hell, I was working with 4*s and never did I have Legendary Training Grounds. We all forget where we came from, but I don’t.

I played and I stuck around because I love the Walking Dead mythos and I feel like a badass killing zombies and the random enemy groups. I didn’t start this game thinking it’d be easy–in fact, this is one of the most difficult RPG’s I know of in terms of having to learn patience and inching slowly towards any particular goal (i.e., 24hr+ build times on Farm Building stage 19-20).


It’s alright they can now buy 6* from premier to compete


Lol true , and buy the 6* gear in the stash , but really , i am starting to worry about the new players , they are going to be lost in this game


Yeh new region f2p are screwed, they will have to get 8 5* and sacrifce them just to be able to compete with p2p players who pull a 6* from premier, especially if they pull a carl or other 6* with lead skill, first couple of months they will be untouchable and many will quit due to frustration from this


Whats the best source for 4* tokens other than territories? When i was newbie 4* tokens were awarded in fac raids and lvl up


Thats the same b.s. Sopely support said when a player in my faction asked about them not giving out Legendary medals any longer. Yes, you can buy them with Survival tokens at 5 per day, but at that rate it would be months to get enough to ascend a 5*. In his scenario Scopelyis signing his his game death warrant. New players will also run into this problem .


Only on the territory my friend , they removed from the prizes wich means that the new players never gonna get that easily only by buying coins, they need to put 4 stars on the milestones like 10.000 2k 4* tokens or something like that


Exactly!!! There were many goals I could not meet when I started but I worked hard and now I can.
The highest milestones are not meant for noobs OP! SMH
In your mind good players should not get an extra reward? Only low level players should get an advantage?
Ridiculous! What a sense of entitlement these people have.
Work for it!!!


Why do you think they are systematically doing things to piss off older players? It’s not a conspiracy; there is more money in attracting new players than pleasing older ones.


Thing I need the most now with my new dade account is flaks and beanies. I m swamped in legendary gear and t4 epic gear but I cant use it cause my epics are all stuck on t2.


Is this sarcasm? Cant tell.

Last solo the rewards for the weapon parts were 5 and 15k. Quite the difference non?


Point is there used to be low.level milestones that were achieveable for a newer player so they could get something. Even if it’s just 100 4* tokens or 10 legendary medals there is a reward out there. 150k milestone? No chance.


I agree that the highest milestones are not meant for noobs. That is fine. However, now the lowest milestones are not meant for noobs either. No noob can get close to 150,000 for the first milestone,


Hahaha starting new in a new region would be miserable. While some players will be building 3s toons, players will be receiving 6s right out the gate. That is why 6s were not going to be direct pulls, but they saw low conversion on new toons cause they bottlenecked everyone.


If anyone looks at play store comments there was a big issue a ways back that rolled back new players account lvl. I think it was when you hit lvl 6 it would roll back account to lvl 5 dont know if this fixed or not. On top of all this there is almost no way for a new player to catch up add in the fact that slowly all regions are closing up. There seems to be no new blood coming into this game :frowning:


Lol i do the same in hope for change doubt it will come though, bloop bloop


And who said that the new players are going for the last milestone ? No one and i was not talking about the milestone but they are never gonna play because they cant get any 4* or something to LVL up , milestones was 15k 50 for help the noobs , now its 150k its too much for new players