Hey Scopely, Does This Look Fun To You?!?

Yup you guessed it, it’s another Survival Road post trying to get our cruel overlords to act :joy:

Scopely, does this look fun and enjoyable to you ppl? Bc it sure doesn’t to Us!!
Intimidation, Obscuring, Relentless, Explosive, Resilient, Walker Shield and Flaming Walker’s all in the same stage on top of the Unwanted and Un-needed SR Crit Debuff? REALLY!?!

It took me close to 2 Hours and 135 toons just to beat a Single 3 wave SR Stage. Let that sink in for a minute. 2 hours and 135 Toons for a Single Stage :man_facepalming: that’s just ridiculous and uncalled for!
Here’s a video so you can see for yourselves.

To state the obvious, NO ONE asked for this and it’s quite apparent by all the threads and comments that we want it changed back! You had to have known that this was going to happen. There’s no way you’re so out of touch that you honestly thought this was going to fly with the players! Is there?

Ya we know you increased the amount of SR Markers attainable yadda yadda, but that increase doesn’t help anyone when you’ve increased the difficulty in getting them 10 fold.

So I think it’s about time you Prove to Us that you’re actually listening to our feedback and quickly implement a Fix here.
I’m sorry but you telling us you’ve heard us and that you’re listening doesn’t Solve the problem, it’s just more empty words :man_shrugging:

Now we all know you can quickly fix things in game, bc you’ve done it countless times before when it has negatively affected you. So this shouldn’t be so hard and it shouldn’t take weeks to do or require you to monitor feedback.
All you have to do is Remove the Hordes Walker’s and boom you’re done, Bob’s your Auntie. Fixing this quickly will go a little ways in proving that our feedback matters and that you see us as more than just cash filled Buckets.

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Keep Hordes Walkers where they belong in that Ignominious Snor-Feat of an event called Hordes not Survival Road.


Dude… SR is NOT that hard. Choose a better tactic. Quit and restart if need be.


That also resets the stage Also are you at 400+?

They’re not all even that bad, there’s just a couple that go OTT like the taunt walker. E.g

  • It doesn’t need 100% crit resist. Or:
  • There doesn’t need to be 2+ of them which effectively snatches control. Or.
  • It doesn’t need so much def+HP

One of those factors is hard enough, all 3 is overkill


Stun weapons work well for these

Not if they start behind a barrier

It’s pretty obvious those who design don’t play or when they test they are using the best toons in the game. I’m not sure how anyone could have tested these taunt walkers stages and thought it was acceptable.

Overall I do not struggle too much on the changes to SR it really is these stages that include crit resistant walkers that cause me grief. 100% crit resist should not exist. As @Parker said they are overkill and I definitely think they need to be adjusted. As the OP shows, it’s a dumb and tedious way to beat these stages because its just a kamikaze approach that most have to take to complete these stages and all that does is waste time(which significantly decreases the fun involved making people not even want to bother) and it just wipes out a roster which is evidently a way to entice either spending on kits to heal your toons or push you to buy better toons just to compete. Again, who thinks this is fun?

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This is exactly why they had “upgraded” SR. Just another incentive to pull/spend. You know… to keep you “engaged”.

Testing you my friend did the best joke of the day.
They dont play the game

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Yep, multiple taunter stages seem to be the biggest issue right now.

I do wonder if there’s strategies I may have missed. Last time when I was able to take yellows, I tried Gator, Shiva, Kate, Kate, Kate, and while it didn’t quite work, I think it might if I max the AR on my third Kate. give them crit mods, and craft some Kukris with Slayer 1 and AP on attack. The Kates completely take care of the taunt, take out the non-resistant walkers, and can even tank a hit or two because of Tenacity and all the heals, Gator gives you an occasional extra turn, and Shiva finishes off the taunters very quickly. If it works, it’s a simple f2p solution.

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Reset SR or nerf it. It shouldn’t be such a bloody chore.

I had 4 taunt walkers with 100% crit resist last night ugg. It did take a while and I burned through many toons.

Some times. I’ve had stun weapons free up JUST enough of my team to take down the taunt walkers on some occasions, but on others I’ve had them taunt lock until the entire pack gets into striking range then ALL of my team goes down in a heap.

It’s all RNG.

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SR is frustrating and not fun at all. I have yet to complete a stage and others in my faction are in the same boat. This was my faction favorite event but will everyone complaining about the new SR, I can tell this isn’t going to end well for the tournament.

Yep have to agree with others.
Why did SR even need this in the first place lmao?

Rose has camo right? Use rose. Also, use Dwight for the added damage on top of crit if you need to hit hard.

Rose is only camo to 3 worthless

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I think the new SR is pretty fun - and much more fun than it has been.

I do not think it is any fun at all to auto-fill and auto-attacking 10 stages without even looking at the screen.

If you seriously used 135 toons, maybe try thinking giving it a tiny bit of thought?

edit: okay, you sent in wave after wave of trainers, which have like 100 attack, at crit-immune walkers that have, what, 5,000+ health? Lmao. You scrolled right past un-used dwight, who gives +36 crit to your whole team of blues, plus is a walker killing machine. Maybe add a high damage toon alongside him to take out taunting walkers? Maybe a guardian to tank if some make it to you? Scroll over to your 6*s that you clearly have many of?

Troll no one is that slow

It would be fine if it was once a week or not tied to characters that people spent money on to make functional now.

next, why don’t you let us know how many times you need to coin your team of 2*s to do a roadmap?