Hey I need help with the resources

Hey I am new to the game and I am in stage 15, and I want to level up some 4* and 5* characters but I run out of food easily, so can anyone give me tips or places to farm food? And what is better tu use when you level up a character?

You just gotta keep grinding away at the world levels when you have energy. Also don’t forget about the roadmaps.

Raid, look for people with high amounts of food in stock

You can get a lot of food from gear markers, which you can get every day from the “Road to S” roadmap, and also from the Elite/Ultra rare gear maps on Monday/Tuesday.

Playing world stages, you will also get unused gear over time, which you can sell for gear markers or food. Never sell shirts or gloves, and don’t sell 3* or higher gear unless you know what you are doing, but running shoes etc. can be easily sold for decent quantities of food.

You will also get good amounts from Survival Road and Arena. And, as others have said, from raiding. Make sure to use your regular and raid energy, and you should find that you can usually get what you need.

The best way to level characters 4* and 5* is with 2* toons from the training ground. Make sure you use the same persona (indicated with a green name when leveling) for extra XP and a chance to level up your characters’ adrenaiine rush - having them maxed is a huge advantage.

Later, you will also unlock a very good scavenger mission that will give each character good XP. Be careful with using the gold scavenger missions, though - you will need to do the first ten to unlock the mission, but each you do after that is harmful. Stop after “Silence is Golden”.

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Thank you again

I would try not to level up too many 4 and 5*. Wait for 6*, s class and ascendables and focus on them. Choose 5* non-ascendables wisely.

It gets very expensive food-wise for toons which won’t help you much longer term.

Sale items sometimes help

Here’s the most valuable advice you can get .
Uninstall the f#### game and never look back

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Yeah Im trying to ascend a 5* but first in need to max him up

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Is Christa and James not an option anymore?

I think their collection expired when the Gold bars did.

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