Hey guys , I need help with understanding armory

So I would like to know if there’s a list of how to make stun weapons for each warrior and for other good things as confuse and 0 damage because I understand it’s different from blue/red/green/yellow on which thing I choose (supporter , defense, attack, raider) ty in advance

Use tapes and kits with out areas kit only with areas. 68c9d28932ee94663a527e71e6a049fcacd30421_1_690x388

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The tables below are very handy…save to your phone and study.

Be prepared for much disappointment when trying for stun (green or red), abs def, impair or any of the other holy grail weapons. Some people have 50 fails before they get a single success. But keep going and you will get there :slight_smile:

Ty all for the help

Use 4 star weapons that already have a slot with 30 stat with either attack, defense, or hp.

Going for a offense build? Start with a 30 attack stat weapon so you can increase it later after you get your desired 3rd slot result. Same concept for defense.

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One thing to know about crafting weapons is Earl can sometimes mess up creating the perfect weapon which forces you to reset the weapon and try again. This is a total pain and waste of supplies.

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Some get 300+ fails

Ive been playing since the release date if the game and have a godly def team but no special teir weapons :(((((((((

Well why have I been pushing tapes and kits so hard if i dont have to use them all the time, I was told to use those

Areas are nefted to shit get no type of crit every time with areas and kit and tape


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