Hey @GB.scopely answer this for me

I have asked in other created topics but have gotten no answer from JB, so maybe u can answer this. Edgefield region is open to let people transfer out, so why isnt it open to let transfers in. Does scopely want that region to close down since people are leaving but no one can transfer in?

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Maybe it’s a new region, and they don’t want more experienced players coming to mess with the new people. I’ll just tag @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely, maybe they will see this then.

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As @High_Power stated. Be careful what you wish for. If your a newer region with good activity, you will be pretty attractive to veteren factions coming in. But honestly, region activity seems to be less and less important if AOW never comes back.

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As stated before, whales will pounce on the chance to dominate a newer region such as edgefield. There’s no telling when it will open to incoming transfers unless we get a new list.

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Same thing as my region.

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Yes. 7 char

I was just asking about edgefield cause some that transferd out to check out other regions dont like those regions and wanna transfer back to edgefield. At the least they should give the option to return to your original region

Shoulda set up an alt and scoped it out that way.

I highly suggest as stated to create an alt account and check out a region first. Dont say anything in global just sit and watch. See how the region communicates, watch how many go out for solo, and check war leaderboard. See if top faction totally dominates and where you see urself fitting in

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Be careful what you wish for OP.

Newer regions be glad your closed from people transfering in because as soon as yours does open be prepared for a flood of whale players and a whale faction or two coming in to take over. They will say it’s for competition but we all know thats bs. They want easy rewards otherwise they would transfer to a region where the other whale factions are.


Rob , tell them to contact support and make a stink . They CAN and have transferred people into a closed region , specifically Cullman , when they’ve transferred out and want to return .

They can contact support & tell them they went to wrong region. They will send them back to edgefield & return their key, but im not sure if it will work in this case.

Agree 100%. The whales dont want competition. If they did, all wars would be cross region wars, the #1 teams wpuld be matched against each other the whole war and the rest of the teams would play each other. That way you would really see who #1 is.

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The community had to wait all day for an answer to mod removal not starting… U can expect a response to this never

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