Hey dear scoplely,We have to play with cheating?all users Please check the picture


Anyone remember who was clean?


When the only way people beat other people is by using hacks :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
… So sad :frowning:


I would have no idea how to hack and I beat pretty much everybody. That’s a cop-out, IMO


Well for one its not hacking really, you just use a program you downloaded to change memory values in game, doubt any of the “hackers” can actually hack. Dont think anyones saying if you can beat my team you must be a hacker, those pics and i have seen things like this also, it is very well documented with pics and vids of people cheating, it is out of control and screws peeple out of winning what they should had won had someone not cheated, when someone gets 50 million in level up and wins they screw over the real people who should had won, the cheater may get the hammer but still those rewards are lost.


you would think buying from vk would be easy to cheat
or those with super 2 star stat players
or vk hacking into their system
or fixing terrorties
or making it easy to purchase multiple items

it has taken them years to fix stuff
nothing is easy for scopely, unless it cost them money or makes money


If that’s attack then wouldn’t it be 150% not 120% you forgot to add the 120 and 30 Sal together :thinking: unless Sal means both in that language


I’m guessing the guy in last place? :joy::joy::joy:


Adair normal


the most unfortunate thing is hackers are actually a good source of income … for the whales anyway

having a hacking faction beat a whale competitive faction means more money spent


If they had a A.I keeping accounts in check cheaters would be banned virtually as soon as those weapons went on the account.

A.I can spot things in a data base at crazy speeds these days question is are scopely good enough to build the A.I in first place


Watch this War of Champion Event will be filled with hackers. It will be so prevalent that alot will get caught at one time. Like a sign saying “come buy your amphetamines here” … All the junkies/hackers walk through the door. Then the Law Enforcement busts everyone that walks through the door.


R.I.P RTS nothing will be done.Gotta be some way to scan these high numbers going off in quick succession.


The sad fact is:

Cheaters increase profits by competing against legit players who will spend additional money to beat them.

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