Hey dear scoplely,We have to play with cheating?all users Please check the picture


adair server fraction name : the revolution, they constantly cheat,why not take action?


Sorry sir but I don’ understand what it is saying please can you translate


it saying 120% attack…


thanks for that but what about the bottom


I’m guessing there all stun on defence or something?


yes attack with stun,red and blue weapon lol


They look “legit” in Scopley business books…


These kind of hacks are more prevalent in the game.

ive been in a war where we were picked apart within seconds, to the realisation that they must have auto’d the attack as within under a minute 4-7 of our faction were hit by a player that didnt have the greatest defence.

There are many players doing this but rarely caught out as they dont show attacking team results


I want these stats too…but i have been playing a long time and the ban is not worth it


Just look at the weapon score… I mean, I still don’t understand why it’s hard to catch cheaters… should be easy to just look at the weapon score, or the pull log… characters don’t magically appear out of thin air. They need to dedicate more time to this issue


I think they let it go on purpose , that way they don’t have to fix people getting screwed out of placements/rewards. Ban the account later when everybody stops being pissed off

For what it’s worth, that weapon score alone should be an automatic ban


I realize it’s a less than satisfactory experience to report in the official manner and receive no feedback other than an auto response, but it’s still best to report directly to the team that is responsible for dealing with cheating/hacking.


If they allow cheating then they could possibly get legit players to spend more $ to try and keep up.


What cheat lol. This is totally legit, fresh from the VK. And you can have those too with like 30 dollor hahaha


I’ve poked at the CMs just a tiny bit with this the last time similar pictures were posted. Scopely differentiates themselves that they use highly advanced analytics and AI to sell to investors. If they’re that good at analytics, how hard can it be to pull a report of every weapon with a power score beyond max? How hard can it be to get a list of every weapon with a special stat in the third spot?


They probably could very easily. Just don’t want to


Ok they are hacked weapons best thing to do is message support as us on the forms really can’t do much about it other than give advice on what to do


When it comes to cheating scopley should just pick an event every so often, like solo then check the top 5 or a faction top 3 alot less to check begin the ban waves.
Mad scores stick out simple.
A faction that gains from cheating and doesn’t report should get banned.


You can now click report in game on a specific player and it will pop up a box asking you to describe why you’re reporting. This is a nice new way to report this shit and get it banned. Complaining in the forums is useless.


Im all for tin foil hats but imo this one is a no, if anything it encourages less spending and more cheating. I mean ya gotta really dense to think you can spend money and keep up with someone cheating with over 100% attack or defense on weapons or someone getting a billion points in war in a minute, no amount of money and rng luck will help ya. It makes me think well if people can cheat and get away with it and i cant keep up then i will cheat also and “win”