Hey baby, how bout a Halloween event

Scope could we get a Halloween event this year like tokens and a wheel. Thank you. It’s mid October might as well skip straight to thanksgiving. Fyi no snowballs please or shovels… How about Halloween masks and thanksgiving beer :beer::beer:


Actually we could also have an event for myself and the other players form her Royal Majesties British Empire - seeing as November is coming up we could have Guy Fawkes or Bonfire Night event, where we collect barrels of gunpowder, or bottles of Pimm’s . :wink:


Or how about replacing Faction Assault Negan with Trump, so we can kill him instead of the old usual Negan? :wink:


He has too much cleverness for anyone to beat him.

Were any of you there on D Day like he was … NO

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The Halloween event will probably be an “amazing” $100 offer or two

They’re so generous aren’t they :joy:

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Haven’t we already had a Halloween event? I’m sure it was back in May.

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Play a game by British publisher. …

Shouldn’t a business cater for it’s audience not itself. :man_shrugging:

Maybe that’s why we don’t see many American cars in the UK. “If you want a right hand drive car, stop whining and buy British or from a less self absorbed nation than US”

Nice bait

At a guess it would start after transfers end, or at least it should start after transfers end, to stop any stash/museum collection issues.

Knowing scopely, it will be all tricks, no treats


Pimms is a summer drink, mainly imbibed during Wimbledon fortnight. And I’m not sure if you’re being deliberately ironic mentioning the Queen in the same sentence as the plot to blow one of her ancestors up.

A little help here please my fellow commonwealth citizens…

So you think a us business should cater to Britain and you call them self absorbed? What about the other 194 countries, should they make events for their holidays too?
And fyi a quick google search shows top selling car brand in uk is Ford and I’m pretty sure they are an American company…

Lots of the actors in the walking dead seem to be British. Rick and the governor to start with.

And whoever said we need American cars in the UK, we do. Ford to start off with, stick shift or whatever you insist on calling the gear stick.

I’m not a car buff but there are definitely lots of them.

Well, it WOULD be “amazing” if it wasn’t a RNG $100 purchase that will guaranteed give you three Lilliths instead.

Brits need American cars, because no matter how unreliable the US cars might be they are a far sight more reliable than anything made in the UK. Then again, that’s not really saying all that much…

We don’t make much here any more. We buy a lot of European cars though.

I am also waiting for Halloween event, but there is not any info available. I dont know it will held or not. In fact I started to decorate my car for Halloween, because saw beautiful stuff on Halloween Coupon at Reecoupons, so I bought from there many props and has started to decorate, and waiting for Halloween event too.

I read somewhere Event is planned 26th near the end of month

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