Hershel weapon?


What’s the best Weapon setup for Guardian Hershel? Specifically for attack team
Crit and Stun seem obvious but not sure if 3rd one should be defense since he’s a relatively easy target or Huge AP on Attack since his AR is pretty good


My current weapon for him is crit, Large AP on attack (haven’t made that huge yet) and trait advantage (don’t have stun yet so that’s my substitute), I’d recommend max crit, huge AP on attack and stun.


Have that on him, works great. Definitely the right call.


Mine is stun, v large when attacking, 40crit


I’d say depends on whether it’s offense or defense

Huge attacking ap


Very large ap works for him as well. Doesn’t require huge ap if his rush is maxed. Gives you chance at 40% crit.


Mine is the exact same.