Hershel sorry if I missed it

Any idea when Hershel becomes ascendable? I’m guessing any day now due to him being in then wheels etc. Cheers :call_me_hand:t2:

by october

yeh by oct 2022

that soon was thinking 2119

sorry my mistake i missed whole 100 years

Don’t get your hopes up peeps🤗


Thanks for your sensible responses :slight_smile:

Sorry🤗 No specific date yet other than before Oct 22nd

Yes… Hershel is going to be so valuable against S Class Pete lol


Hey now, ping pong balls work GREAT against a tank…


He just did!!

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I actually like him !!!

Some of the answers on this thread didn’t age very well. :joy:

He’s not bad

Thanks guys :joy::joy:

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