Hershel ascendable before/on the 18th?

looks like he might be ascendable within the next few days if he’s considered “ascendable” in the wheel update

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Same for life and death maggie

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I have two of him, so let’s hope

Your excitement dies when you realize they release him in a gen 1 state and he is another Waisted wait.

I hope he is a usable toon. I really really do.
We should have learned by now the build up and dissatisfaction scopley will serve is.


We don’t care if he isn’t a atk toon. Giving f2p defensive toons is like feeding a dog scaps…nobody wants tht shit.


Well won’t matter either way if they made at same time as Romanov unless of course Maggie keeps command.

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The difference between gen 1 and gen 2 are the stat totals. Not rushes or anything. So Romanov is indeed a gen 2 toon. Just not a great one.


Comparing the red governor to him to me says different
Your not wrong at all.
But these characters need to make some difference in the game.

They Should give him Raven’s evade for Strong version.

Well sure. He should have been better. I would rather take the decap over the neutralize and he stays alive longer but yes. Any decap should have a base stat of 2200 attack. Silly.


I think the Gov works better in this meta. Attacks 1 and impairs multiple. Way better than the decap. Just depends on if Mia is in the lineup I guess

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As far as the two toons left. I have my doubts. I thought romanov would have the most use of the three.

Hershel to me will have the least assuming he stays close to his card. 450 damage isn’t enough to kill Elle if she’s pain split which means bide will kill him. Execution is a horrible skill on defense so players would most likely use Solange or violet over him. So I don’t have hope for him at all. Maybe he will get a nice AS.

Maggie has a chance to be decent. I think she will cause some of the f2p players headaches on defense because now they might have to control Nik and Maggie. But the 700 is a nice damage even if we don’t see many blues on defense.

Truth be told, I haven’t ascended Romanov. The medals are such a problem.

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I’m almost thinking he’s meant to be a defense decap since he’s over 1600 defense

Either way, he’s not what was needed

he might be like pete, without leader skill.

Ruck Fomanov.

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Dont expect much and you wont be dissapointed. Romanov was supposedly the most needed one since gen2 pure offence toons are required, and we all know how he turned out.

As a medic Hershel will have similar attack stat to Jackson. Going by the recent gen2 legacy releases, i dont think his Rush is gonna improve may get worse on the contrary :rofl:

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He has 1929atk, pretty suprising if they don’t nerf him

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