Hershal's AR...is it bugged?

If Hershal kills with his AR, heal reduction doesn’t apply.
Is it working as intended, or is it a bug?

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Probably the execution specialist skill that kicks in and bugs it out

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Bugged on me, didn’t apply heal reduction on kill

Same here, heal block doesn’t work with his rush

If it’s bugging out, it’s working as intended. Carry along.

Also, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature :wink:

It is bugged, good God! another legacy with a bugged Rush or Active. :expressionless:
it took a whole month and a half for Jackson’s active to be fixed after numerous complains to the support.

Jesus! Hershel looked a good semi decap for a f2p melee team, they f#cked it up again, get one thing right Scopely, just for once!

At this point, even i feel embarrassed to ask GR to look into this and get it fixed :man_facepalming:


Can someone capture on video so I can send this up to the devs as a bug?

DM’d you

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