Here's and idea


A way I think would somewhat fix the chaos in territories is to be able to earn trophies by doing roadmap stages or completing roadmaps, that would be great. What’s your guy’s opinion on it?


I think that the territory chaos can be fixed by

A. Rewarding trophies for clearing walkers
B. Lowering the total walkers in each unclaimed territory.


Those are good too


The problem with rewarding trophies for roadmaps is that it removes the player vs player competition. Hell, even giving trophies for walkers kind of defeats the purpose. I just think something needs to be done to fix this.


I somewhat agree but at the same time imo raiding was boring and now it feels like an obligation to get trophies. But it would be nice to get trophies another way besides tournaments and what not


The whole player vs player thing in territories is so ridiculous. 80 percent of the teams are five stars or trainers. Just disable the trophies. It doesn’t change give anyone an advantage or disadvantage. Such a simple solution.


Or if it gets dropped to walkers the offender loses league points.


Walkers as points will just be the same thing just white out conditions you will see the map just as bad or even worse. Best ldea is time held hour by hour break down like the tokens from there it will force your slack ass players that like never apply def if when you ask them to 0 teams in 0 territories you get nothing all 3 in you get max out for that hour even give bonus points for your faction holding a District if you have teams apply in there


I think by completing roadmap we should definitely earn trophies, but there will be always certain obstacle between it.


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