Heres an update on players united

Added some new plugins and boards, changed a few plugins and boards-

Added “apple” and “android” boards to the “mobile” board inside “gaming platforms” board inside “gaming” board.

Added “general” board inside the “gaming” board.

Seperated “players united” board from the “general” board and moved “players united” board to the top.

Added a “gallery” board and a plugin for this board. This should allow members to have their own galleries to post pictures, screenshots, etc.

Added a plugin called “whispers” this plugin should allow members to make a post basically that only who they give permission to can see, reply, etc.

Added a plugin called “lol post” this should appear before the like button and allow members to laugh at a post. Note: More of these options are coming such as a frown, angry, happy, heart, dislike, etc.

Added a “happy birthday popup” plugin to the “happy birthday cake” plugin. This should display a popup saying “Happy birthday” when members visit. Note: Birthdays must be displayed/active, to disable these plugins for the cake and popup, disable birthdays on your profile.

Changed perimeters in some boards.

A few more plugins coming in a bit with some more tweaks to others such as the “poke” plugin.


If you have any questions, want to give feedback, etc. Can message me here, on the PU forums as admin or on line app, my ID is ssinless

All you need is an apology feature and … Hotdamn, you’ll have replaced certain other forums by a country mile.


That might actually be a good idea, like a “sorry” button to click when ever you goof up.

Are there any threads or do you actually need an account to view anything?

Yes theirs threads and yes you need an account

Please try viewing again

You’ve done more work this week than this billion dollar company with offices in 4 countries has.

And told us what you’re up to each step of the way. Which holy crap is TOTALLY refreshing. After 4 years I forgot what it’s like!

I give Scope an F- but you get an A+++++++! :raised_hands:


Awesome job, I’m there already

Its not hard, it should be like this, this is how i communicate with my company and employees and customers and it baffles my mind how scopely does business.