Here's an idea to make the leagues better

After making an uninformed choice of getting into the Plainum league and discovering that it has totally drained any enjoyment from my league experience, I have a suggestion.

If you aren’t going to do the obvious thing and change leagues back to the way it was, can you at least add an “Auto Flee” button that you only have to click once in order to flee 5 times? That way I can get my daily reward for the stupid thing and go play some other game that I can occasionally win without wasting a lot of time.

Get on that Scopely drones!


That would make my arena throwing slightly more efficient. I like it


boy if that isn’t pure facts then I don’t know what is. Total shitshow and full of excessive “try-harding”


I gave up on leagues. I’m waiting for everyone to move on


Love the idea. I believe that the RNG selection of opponents should show you also the total points obtainable (assuming clean victory at T1 streak, T2 streak, T3 streak) so you don’t have to do the math yourself, then you could hit the button - missing out on the armory tokens and other battle drops, but avoiding the frustration that goes along with it.

But why stope here? Simply change the arena to a roulette that will cost you one arena ticket and spew a random number at you - then you can take that number and try to win the points or take “double or nothing” to spin the RNG opponent wheel again. Maybe it would be so successful that we could pass on the actual strategy game play and forgo the battles completely - simply spin the wheel and register the points…


i just gave up on leagues
scopely can keep their 400 or w/e coins it is


Gave up this week in plat II


My suggestion is to going back to the old system, with demotions and promotions so players can adjust to a tier that they feel more comfortable to play and can stay competitive.
And on top of that they would create a separate league system, like the solo league journey, exactly the same arena system but with the same intent of season 11,a climbing system for better rewards for the ones willing to stray up pay for all entrys “no free try” and for the ones that chose that route the prizes will be better but you cant participate in the regular arena until you get left behind "demoted or not promoted "no chances for redemption here ,you snizz you lose, only the stronger can go all the way…
This way the regular arena will be relieved letting players be more competitive without the whales that are busy killing themselves in the arena journey.
This journey would last same time as the regular season but it’s a different path for the one willing to go for the extra mile. Separating spenders and overpowered teams from the average and grinder players would be great for the league system and a lot more enjoyable too.

And the best part is, we get to do it all again next season. Yay!

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Its a good thing Scopely eliminated sandbagging with this new format


@TayTron New league/arena structure: complete and utter epic fail. It’s whale central. I’ve completely lost any motivation to participate. Scopely nailed the “more competitive” part but completely failed on the exciting and better rewards part. What a joke.

In previous seasons I finished top 10 (usually top 5) in every domination area (without any sandbagging; I hovered in Diamond I through III league; sometimes IV). This week I’ve finished 46th, 128th and 89th in domination arenas. Top places are held by 100% maxed out mega-whales who totally need the top rewards to remain competitive (that’s sarcasm).

My coin rewards have been cut in half (I’ll get zero this week since I can’t possibly be promoted to platinum III) My vet rings are about 10% of what they used to be.

Absolute joke. Goodbye arenas/leagues. I’ll participate again when they are reverted to the previous structure or rewards are GREATLY increased and whales are put into their own pool.


I feel the same, and keep complaining about it too. Funnily though the people I complain to assume I am such a whale.

In old league system there were far fewer ppl, prizes to top 6 haven’t changed though, nor have the amount of ppl we pull on a draw. So the odds of doing well is so. much. smaller. now. Where as before, there was a chance. So now we’re all starving of rings/arm items/gold tickets, so we try harder, we’ll spend another ticket. But again, the chance is so slim to get that extra 1k opponent draw.

I’m somehow categorized a whale, and I’m unable to get anything I used to have a chance to get. I’m frustrated. Changed need to made. This will continue to alienate the playerbase.


Yep. The people that need the prizes the most to improve, aren’t able too. Admittedly this was a problem with the old system too but not nearly to this level.

Also yes, it’s even hard to get that lucky opponent pool in arenas where it’s even possible to improve your rank with so many more people pulling for that same pool. 99% roll of the dice, 1% skill in winning quickly.

And yes again, how someone didn’t think that greatly increased number of competitors in your league group didn’t necessitate a proportional increase in number of arena ranks getting good prizes, especially champ arena tickets simply boggles the mind. Twice (or more?) as many competitors in league group, still only top 5 places in each arena get champ arena tickets and decent amount of rings!? WTF?

Arenas continue to be 90% of how you advance in leagues. I don’t know why this is given such a huge weight vs raid and SR tourneys.


That’s always been the case, I dare to say it’ll never not be the case.

That was my next sentence in that paragraph. Agreed, but it’s been made exponentially worse in my opinion.

Yeah I meant to get the whole one my bad, I agree with you

True dat. As season12 is announced to mimic the season11 format, watch all daily olayers take a week (or even two weeks) long break from the game…

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100 people need to be promoted not a mere 60-70

At the moment people are wanting to sandbag because the higher leagues are too competitive and demotivating, so not sure promoting more people would solve anything. It would only funnel more people upwards in a shorter space of time and make the situation worse.

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My feeling on the new league format5b9ebfb57cce20cda80a078a0263e232422733cc3f328b4cf38941699b73d6be_1.gif