Here's a great idea for Scopely to ignore

So, seeing as Scopely intentionally flooded the game with characters that do nothing but load up bonus hp, reduce to zero, revive, ignore stun, ignore impair and generally just burn the clock. How about making the game fair again by REMOVING THE MATCH TIMER!!! That would take time to win a match, but at least players who play for free would stand a chance to win against teams that were specifically designed to do nothing else but burn up the match timer. 5 minutes per raid is pretty ridiculous

Because I don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on this game, I only have a small handful of Decapitation characters, it takes me a long time to widdle Lydia or yellow Ty down to take then out.

Or better yet, why not turn burn damage into decapitation effect? Because what are the chances of reviving somebody who has been burned to death in real life? Honestly.

Like most, to all feedback that Scopely gets, this will be ignored. They won’t do anything unless they can charge a couple thousand for the next wave of super characters that have no kill condition, they just burn up the clock and make the game less fun.


Yeah, actually what are the chances of reviving somebody who is dead in real life? :roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You do realize that a raid is only 3 mins right?.. As far as I know 5 mins is only in terrs and war.

Depends on injuries sustained and when you start cpr, its better then death by fire at least

Ya, so get rid of the timer

Or how about change it so no character can be revived more than once?


It doesnt make much sense that the raid timer is the same as it was in 5* era.

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Nobody should be stuck in a loop that long. It’s counterproductive. Just move on.

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So… You want to spend 10 minutes battling just to come out of it and discover the match is over and you scored 0 pts.

Hmmmm. Okay.


Ha. I have faction mates like that. Looks like they AFK and I’m like nah… they stubborn and stuck in a loop. 5 minutes later, yep lol

I’d love to see a reasoning behind the difference in raid and war timer… Nothing more annoying than timing out with 20 hp left on last toon lol

If things head south in war aftet the first turn or 2 im out lmao…unless its like last hit and everyone is counting on you to beat this team. I can take out 3 more hits in time spent on a time out team that gets the leg up.
Win fast or lose fast

Ive literally said before how we got afk with 5 people in reserves…5min later as im making 2nd rounds lol

I was in a friendly duel once and i was stuck in a f* loop. 68K total dmg from my side, 36 turns, 35-37 ARs and all characters were full health and alive !!!

Not only the loop that sucks time either. The animations for every heal, AS, bonus xp, bonus def etc halt the gameplay for however long they take to play out. Multiply that by how many times each of those is used in a battle and you’ve got a lot of wasted time in that 3 minute limit.

How the timers are still stuck in T1 5* era is beyond me.

I mean it’s great you figured out how to apply bonus xp and all, but why do we all have to sit and watch every damn time it’s applied? Either let gameplay continue or change the timers.

And let f2p use some skill to defeat those revive/heal loop teams. Double the timers and I guarantee a lot of those “wins” (of which most are time-outs) those def teams have will balance out and start to show the true ability of players, rather than just the size of their wallets.

If you’re timing out, you’re wasting time and should be fleeing. If you can’t win in 3 minutes it’s counterproductive, especially in war.

That’s true but some have to battle real def teams in raid tourneys, not just lowered def teams.

I only hang around in long battles in yawnslaught

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That’s what the “search for new raid opponent” option is for. Skip hard leads and attack easy ones. If you’re not a whale and are attacking every team that comes up with Gabe and Lydia leads knowing you can’t beat them, well that’s not smart.

Omg you’re right. I’ve been doing it wrong. Thanks for the enlightenment!